The Carr Family

Monday, February 14, 2011


What a fun weekend we had!! :) Friday night we had a "family date", which consisted of a much needed trip to Costco and then IN-N-OUT! Nick, Candy and Jordan came over to visit the kids!

The next day was Saturday. Jason had a ton of stuff going on so I got a babysitter because one of my very good friends was getting sealed. This was my first sealing other than my own that I attended. It was so awesome. It was such a beautiful ceramony . My friend looked so beautiful! I love you guys! Congratulations!

Jason was able to go the reception with me and the kids. We took the hour drive to Logandale. My dad catered the wedding, so it was fun being there with my parents and Jarred. There were so many people at the reception! It was the tiniest church gym I've ever been in!

Since Jason didn't finish his side job that Saturday, he had to miss church. So I took the kids to my mom's ward, it worked out great because Kenz was giving a talk that day! She did a great job! It was all about repentance. Then the YW in her ward sang. It was such a beautiful song.

Later that night, Jason met us over at Uncle J's house for a bday dinner for his daughter! It was a fun low key night. I love when the family gets together!

Today was Valentines Day..VERY low key..the kids woke up to some fun treats and were so excited..6 am excited! Boo! Haha! My dad stopped by with some flowers for me and candy for the kids... Jason brought home some steaks...and some yummy See's candy! :) We are still planning on going to sushi when we can find a babysitter!