The Carr Family

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Before anymore time passes, and before I forget, I better post about Chrismas!

Christmas Eve, Jason, the kids and I loaded up all our stuff and met my mom, dad, Kenz, Jarred, Grandma and Papa Roberts and cousin Jesica for breakfast at Blueberry Hill. So yummy! The kids were pretty well behaved. It was a fun time, only complaint, we had to sit in two booths. So we didn't get to talk to everyone at the same time.

After breakfast, we headed to my parent's house. We all had some last minute gift wrapping and the men, had some last minute shopping ofcourse! :) Kenzie and Jessica went to a movie, and Kelsi, Keaton, mom and I went to deliver the goodies she had made to some of her friends. We stayed at Julie Weaver's for a while to visit! I LOVE THAT FAMILY!

Later that night we went to my grandma's house and had chinese for dinner! Nick and Candice came over and we played a funny game, where everyone draws a body part of a reindeer and passes it around the circle. Then at the end you have to name the reindeer and read aloud a sentence about it. It was hilarous! Mom and I stayed back to help clean up dinner and help grandma get papa into bed.

We then headed back to my parents and set up our air mattress. Nick, Candice, Kenz ,Jarred, Jason and myslef all had a fun time seperating the presents. It was unbelievable how many presents add up for over 15 people! (Heavy D!) HAHA!

The next moring was Christmas! I had a long night with the 3 kids, they woke up about 3 times each during the night. So we didn't wake up until around 8 or so. We went downstairs and opened our gifts. Jason got me a few cd's, a new Chi, a couple shirts and a few other things. I got him a new watch, and some clothes. The kids made out! They got fun toys, including Kyler's favorite a remote controlled car! Its so cute! And he loves it. Kelsi got a delux version of Candyland and Keaton got a fun ball popper toy, the Kyler won't leave alone! And their grandparents got them a mini trampoline! Its awesome! It fits right on our patio! I'm very excited to have something I can send them out to do during the day! My parents got us some awesome wall art, a wonderful hot chocolate maker and some cooling racks for my latest baking obsession!

Grandma and Grandpa Roberts, Phylis, Justin, Stacey and the Kids all came over a few hours later. We ate breakfast and opened the gifts from Grandma and Grandpa and they opened our gifts. The kids all played and laughed! I love that my kids have other kids to play with! They love their cousins! Uncle Jordan called from his mission in Seattle. He stayed on the phone for a few hours!

After everyone had left, Kenzie, Keaton and I went to deliver a few more goodies for my mom. We had a fun trip to walgreens! Where I got to get the rest of Jason's stocking stuffers! I had gone to 3 different stores in weeks before to find his gel he uses! And there it was, Christmas day! At Walgreens no less! Pam and Ray came over to visit for a bit. Then Nick and Candice came back and we ate dinner. We played a funny game called "signs", ate dessert and watched dad fall asleep on the couch! HAHA! Then the Weaver's came over and hung out for an hour or so!

The next day was Sunday, we got up early and went to church. It was nice to have a break from our ward and all our responsibilities. We came home from church and had "breakfast". We all took naps and mom helped me do some laundry! We ate dinner, cleaned up and packed up my truck! Can't believe we squeezed everything in! All in all, we had a WONDERFUL Christmas! Minimal drama! Love my family!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The defintition of insanity.......

is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results....

HAHA!! This sums up last night!

We went to Ham Hall at UNLV, for the anual Desert Choral Christmas concert. A little back story, I have gone almost every year with my family since I was a little girl. When Jason and I got married he really enjoyed piggybacking all my families traditions. Including the concert. The first two years were fine. But last year after I spent 3/4 of the show in the hall, Jason said we weren't going the next year. So when my mom emailed me the flyer a week ago, I told her we weren't going this year. The night before, Jason was watching the Christmas Devotional on the BYU channel. He yelled to me,"Elise! When is the Desert Choral concert?" I was pretty shocked, but yelled back," Ummm...tomorrow night! But I told my parents were weren't coming." He said,"Call them back, we're going." I just laughed. So there we were, Monday night, at the concert hall. And you guessed it. I was in the hall for about 7 of the 10 or 11 songs they performed. But this time with two kids... haha! Atleast Jason and Kelsi got to enjoy the music. He needs the uplifting more than I do! :)

It was pretty late by the time we go to our car. Earlier in the day my mom asked if she could pick up Kelsi from school and have her spend the day with them. Fine by me! So we had to wait even longer in the parking lot to get her carseat. And ofcourse, Kelsi waited until the last minute and we were already to the car to say she had to go potty. So Jason took her back in while I sat in the truck with the screaming and tired boys. After my parents drove off and Jason got back to the truck a couple of elderly ladies came up to Jason and were going on and on about how one lady missed her bus and the other sent her husband with memory problems to the parking garage 20 mins ago and he hasn't come back. Mind you the boys are still screaming and I was on the brink of crying, due to myself being tired, and a little ticked I had to miss the concert.

Jason tried to track down a ride for the one lady and off we went up and down the parking garage about 3 times scanning it for the other lady's husband. We finally drove to the top and found a campus police man. We told him what happened and followed him back down to the front of the concert hall. Where the one lady did find her bus, and the other lady was just about to drive off because her husband finally came down. Moral of the story, although I was growing very upset, I'm very thankful that I have a husband who will stop to help someone in need. I'm thankful that was one of the good things he did learn from his step dad.

And the kids did calm down and we actually had a pretty peaceful ride home. Keaton fell asleep and Kelsi and Kyler zoned out watching The Incredibles on the DVD player! Don't know what I would do with out that thing!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

AHHHH...I love this time of the year! So fun! Everyone is so friendly and buzzing with Christmas cheer! I love shopping for gifts and wrapping presents! I definitely get it from my dad! He starts a countdown to Christmas in January. HAHA! We started off December by going to my parent's ward Christmas party. It was so creative! They had you enter through certain doors, and they had tape on the floor to look like a railroad. It led up the stairs and onto the stage where they had a lit train. Then down the stairs to enter the gym where they had a beautiful room set up. White lights and draping all over. Tons of packages wrapped and a big buffet. It was a Polar Express theme. They had a conductor who directed the party. They had everything from hot a chocolate cart, breakfast buffet, to SANTA! And yes I am a loser, because I didn't take a single picture!

It was a rough day. My mom picked the kids and I up around 12. We usually go to lunch, but decided to wait for MacKenzie to get out of school at 1:30. BIG MISTAKE!!! Kyler and Kelsi were so excited to go to Grandma's house! But being in the car so long and having not eaten yet, really put Kyler in hysterics! By the time we got to Kenzie's school Kyler was cry/screaming. And would not stop. No matter what we tried to bribe him with or tried to give him. So you can imaging how bad I felt the next morning when about 3 am or so I was woken up to Kyler throwing up all over me and my bed! This continued every hour or so for the rest of the night. I was so exhausted! I had to be to a stake baptism at 10, so I slept until 9:15. Poor buddy! He was sick for the rest of the day (coming out of both ends)! Kelsi had been sick like this a few days earlier, but I had confined her to her room, so I thought I was safe. Oh well. Jason did a lot to help me that day. Taking over most of the cleaning up and caring for him. So, I was able to do a few errands that day and had a nice time with Kelsi taking her to the baptism and with me to do the errands.

This picture is pre meltdown! In the back of grandma's car.
We had a nice Sunday. Went to church. The kids took a nap and Jason and I watched Eclipse! I made a pot roast and homemade rolls for dinner. I wished we could have gone to my parent's house, but I enjoyed our family day at home.

Monday, November 29, 2010


This year for Thanksgiving we stayed in town. We helped Grandma Audrey host the Thurston Family Reunion. We had a blast! We did it Thanksgiving day. We had about 50 people show up. We played Bingo, Minute To Win It Games, raffled off TONS of prizes, had crafts for the kids, a jumper for the kids and lots of delicious food!

That day was also mine and Jason's 4Th wedding anniversary. It was nice to be with family and have a ton of fun and laughs! It was nice to catch up with those you don't see often. It was a great day! I love my family and I'm grateful for them!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kelsi Lynn

I love this little girl! She is my big helper and my little buddy! I love how girly she is! She loves clothes and shoes! She loves her family, especially her grandparents and her brothers! She is always asking me if she can go to my presidency meetings with me. Last night I gave in and brought her. She fits right in with all the older kids in my ward. Its so funny. They just adore her! I'm so grateful for her and her bright spirit. She's so happy all the time. She is such a quick learner. The other day we were in the car and she starts quoting the Pledge of Allegiance! I was shocked! Thank goodness for preschool!! :)

She dressed herself yesterday. Apparently, my outfit wasn't good enough for her! :) Its fun to watch her grow and develop her own personality. Its going to be so fun having her in primary with me in a few months! I'm excited to watch her learn even more about the gospel. She is my sweetheart! I love you Kelsi Lynn!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Report

We had a jammed packed weekend! Filled with family fun! My favorite! Kelsi spent the night with her grandma and grandpa Saturday night. They took her to dinner and let her wear an outfit that was intended for Christmas. Take a look! So cute!

We had family dinner Sunday night then headed to my Grandma's house for a planning meeting about our Family Reunion we're having this week. Jason was in a great mood! He even helped Kenzie with her homework! They both left even more confused! LOL!

We got home pretty late, and Keaton fell asleep on the ride home, I put him in bed and we headed to the kids room for PJ time! Jason and I were chatting while the kids were getting dressed. He was sitting on my rocking chair. When the kids were done getting dressed they climbed up on him. Moments like these make me so gratful I have such a great husband who loves our kids so much!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Movie Night!

My brother Nick and his wife Candice took Kelsi and Kyler a few nights ago. Nick picked them up after he got off of work. They took them to McDonald's for dinner.

Then they took them to a 3-D Movie Megamind. They all had a blast. Kyler only cried once, and Nick and Candice came home with so many stories. Such as Kelsi singing Teenage Dream at the top of her lungs! We're sure thankful for them being so great to my kids! And sure is good practice for Nick and Candice! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Opportunity Village

Every year, Jason's work, sponsors a family holiday party at Opportunity Village. We get in to the Magical Forest for free. We get unlimited train rides, carousel rides, cookies, and a huge bag of toys! The kids had a blast! I could have done without the 30 minute wait in line for the 2 minute train ride, but that's just me.

I had to literally peel Kyler's fingers off the carousel pole. He screamed and cried when it was time to get off the ride. Poor little buddy! :) We did have a great time. Thanks SC for a fun night!

Time's a flyin!!!

Keaton is 6 months old today! I can't believe it! Time is flying!! :) He has two teeth, he can crawl and scoot all around. But when he gets to anywhere there is tile, he freaks out! When we put him in his walker, he goes all over the house! And you have to watch out! Because he'll smack your shins! We all love our little Keaton! Kelsi and Kyler love to hold him, try to pick him up and always want to kiss and hug him. He lights up anytime Jason walks in the room or if he hears his voice. And he practically jumps up and down when he sees me! :)He's now sleeping through the night and I sure do appreciate that! I love how good he smells and his chunky cheeks! And its so funny, he has sweaty little feet! We sure do love our Keaton David! And I would endure a c-section any day to have you here!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Just a quick update. Saturday night, we went to my mom's stake Trunk or Treat this year. It was huge! And it was really fun taking the kids around with my sister and cousins. :) Jason was at a side job but joined us right before it was over.

Afterward, we went to Sweet Tomatoes with Kenz, Mom, Dad and Jarred for a late bite to eat. We sure love that place! Especially Jason! All the salad you can eat! His type of heaven!

The next day, which was actually Halloween, we went to my Aunt Stacey and Uncle Justin's house for dinner. It was also the celebration of Justin's birthday. We had a good time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sorry Honey!

Jason turned 39 yesterday! :) Poor guy! Not because he's 39, but he had the LONGEST day! He had to wake up extra early to drop a dumpster, then he had to run around all afternoon. I make it a point not to ride along with him on these drops anymore, what with the 3 kids. But I decided since it was his birthday, I would suck it up and we'd ride with him. We didn't do anything special. I came home and made pizza. And he went to bed shortly after that.
I feel bad. But we're so strapped lately since business has been so slow. So we did kind of a little date night last week for our birthdays. And we did have that family party last week too. Oh well. Sorry babe! I love you! Things will get better!
Tonight we went to Jason's work. They had a Halloween party for the team member's families. It was actually a blast. I love dressing up the kids! Its been so fun this week! They had tons of games and we got lots of cute Halloween decorations to take home. They had a buffet of finger foods set up and one of the manager's was dressed up like a pirate. He kept walking around asking for "booty"! :) The guy is super annoying and kind of gross, so I laughed extra at this.
After that, we went to Jason's grandma's house to visit her and to show her the kid's costumes. We didn't stay long. Her house isn't kid proof. And she kept reminding the kids of that too. LOL!
This weekend is going to be so fun. Lots of family and lots of candy! I can't believe Halloween is here already! To be honest, the sooner Christmas is here and gone the better. Hate feeling like this, but these past 6 months have been the hardest on us. I just pray things turn around!
End on a happy note. I love my kids. They are so funny. We had a blast driving together in Jason's truck singing our hearts out to the radio and playing games to keep Kyler happy. :) Fun day. Fun night. Goodnight!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One Year Older....

Whoa! 26! Yup its my Birthday today! Kind of strange that I don't feel any different. And it doesn't even feel like it is my birthday. You know when you're a kid and the excitement measures up to Christmas? I'm sure it has to do with having 3 kids right? No one got up to make me breakfast today. No party today. But that's ok! I'm coming to terms with being this old. :)And we did have a family dinner Sunday night to celebrate all the October birthdays. Yup, Jason, myself, Kenzie and my sister in law Candice all have birthdays this month! And I'd have a family dinner over a party any day!

I've learned so much this year. For one, family is EVERYTHING! I would not have survived this year with out them. Yes all of them. Husband, Children, Parents, Grandparents, and Siblings(and sibling in laws!) This year has had a lot of ups and mostly downs. I can only pray 2011 will be better.

I wrote a big ol long update last week, but for some reason or other kept forgetting to post it and it got deleted. :( So I'll just recap a little.

Kelsi goes to preschool twice a week and loves it. She comes home with so many cute things! I've really had to filter what I keep and toss. I love her little sweet spirit. She always wants to help mom with whatever I'm doing. Whether its cooking, cleaning or taking care of Keaton!

Kyler is my little mama's boy! He is talking so much. He's such a good boy. He loves being outside and always wants to go bye-bye! I love his platinum hair! And he always get comments on it when we are at the store. He loves to go to his grandma's house. And loves to play with his sister and brother.

Keaton is now 5 months old! Its really gone by so fast! He has 2 teeth on the bottom. He rolls over and is starting to scoot anytime he's put on the floor. He kind of has this screech when he's excited. And he laughs for hours. He is another mama's boy. And I love this! :)

Jason and I stay busy. Both in our church calling and in life. We were blessed this weekend by him having a side job. She is a recent widow in our ward and asked Jason if he'd be her handy man. She is such a sweet lady, we're hoping this will work out for us. No other news to report so far! Halloween is a week a way! Next week will be so fun! We have a few parties to go. I love this time of they year! And having kids to participate with, is a BLAST!!

Happy Birthday to me! I feel so loved. My cell has been chiming all morning with Happy Birthday Texts, and my Facebook is filled with well wishes! Love it!

Until next time!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Whoa! Its been forever since I've last been on here!! Let's see....

Kelsi---has been enjoying preschool! She goes twice a week and loves it. She gets to learn more of her numbers, letters, shapes and colors. She is such a sweetheart. We went to the park the other day. A funny little story: as soon as we got to the playground she took her shoes off. She was running around singing,"Let your piggies free! Let your piggies free!!" She's hilarious!! She's my big helper and loves her brothers. She always wants to hold her little brother Keaton. And even though they drive me nuts, her and Kyler are best buds. Another funny story: Today I mopped the floor. During which, Nick called me. We chatted on the phone for a good while. I walked in the other room and the next thing I hear is the splashing of the mop water. I walk in the kitchen and Kelsi is in there, mop in hand with her church shoes on, mopping everywhere that was almost dry. I shouted at her to get in her room. I heard her tell Kyler," Mom is CRAZY!!" Nick sure thought that was funny! <3 Her!!!

Kyler---is my big boy! While Kelsi is in school, the boys and I usually got to the park right next door to her school. He loves to run and play. I get many comments from others about how fearless he is because he goes on the "big" slide. You have to go up 3 different sets of stairs to get to it. He is talking so much now. I love it. He is so sweet and is surely a mama's boy! He loves to go "bye bye", he loves to be on Dad's dirt bike or do anything outdoors. He still continues his obsession of Caillou. We were driving home quite late Sunday night from my cousin Jennifer's wedding. Jason and I both looked at each other and knew Kyler was tired, mainly from the cries coming from him about wanting to watch Caillou!! :) He was zonked 5 minutes later. He also loves his grandma's. All 4. The other day I was sitting with him and said,"Guess what Kyler?" He said,"Grandma's coming over?" HAHA!! So sweet. I said,"No buddy sorry. I was just going to tell you, I love you." He said," Oh, I love you too Mommy!"

Keaton---will be 5 months old the 17th of this month. He has two teeth on the bottom. He rolls over and laughs at his brother and sister all day. He's a chunky little baby. He's such a good boy. And he's a good sleeper. He is waking up only about once a night to nurse. He loves to take baths. And I've recently forced him to take a pacifier. I just feel like it really helps him to soothe himself. We love little Keaton and couldn't imagine our lives without him.

Jason---and I, continue with the stressful lives we lead. He's still the 1st counselor in EQ and I'm still the 2nd counselor in Primary. We both love our callings. They're very fulfilling and we both feel great after we are given the opportunity to serve those in our ward. And we both seem to have a little extra time on our hands. Well Jason does anyway. Nothing much has changed for me. But business is pretty much at a dead hault. It really sucks. I hate the worry and struggle of where we're going to be each month.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Latest and Greatest!

Tonight was day 2 of having my kids be on a bedtime routine! I know, I know. Kelsi is 3....yes I'm a terrible mom. Jason and I would always go back and forth about bed time and dinner time for that matter. I just kind of took to easy road and let them be on my night owl schedule. And as of last night I put an end to that. I love staying up late, and sleeping in. And until yesterday, I had to enjoy quiet time around 11:30. But having Keaton really made me think I need to change. He is such a good boy. Always goes to bed (IN HIS BED) around 9 and sleeps until around 4. (Still nursing) And some credit has to go to my mom. She is always saying how better balanced they will be if they get on good bed time routine. So here ya go mom! :) We brushed teeth, said prayers (my favorite part!), read about 7 books and sang songs. Finally about 9:20 they were asleep. I really am suprised at how good I feel about myself. I really hope I keep this up. And I think when you make goals, telling lots of people about it will help make sure you stick to it!

Another note! I love this time of year! School is starting, its supposed to start cooling off, and the holidays are around the corner! This year will be extra fun because this Monday, my brother Jarred will be coming home from his mission. He has been serving in Mexico for the past two years. I'm so excited to see him! It will be so great having him home! I'm so excited my kids will get to have another great uncle in their lives. Jarred is the best teddy bear around! :)

Better go and enjoy my quiet time. I'm going to watch a movie I borrowed from my friend! Jason's already asleep... :( That will hopefully be another perk to this bedtime thing. He and I will get to hang out alone for an hour or two between all our meetings and work! Hopefully that will be an added encouragement!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to work...Back to reality...

In my last post I mentioned my dad got a job! So, he decided we needed to celebrate. Just he and I...He took me to DISNEYLAND and CA ADVENTURE! :) I had a BLAST!! :) It was the LONGEST day ever!! The kids and I spent the night at my parent's house Sunday Aug. 15. Then he and I woke up at 4 to get ready to leave. As I got up to nurse the baby, Kyler and Kelsi both woke up crying. They cried for a good while. Kenzie woke up and took Kelsi back to bed with her. I nursed Keaton again, then he passed out in the swing again. I felt so bad, I left Kyler still crying. But my mom texted me 10 mins later saying He had totally calmed down. Then about an hour later she said he was asleep and she was going to sleep too...the only one I was really worried about was Keaton. I had been pumping and freezing my milk every night when Keaton went to bed for the past few weeks. (My dad called as soon as he got the job offer and told me to prepare) Thankfully, Keaton ended up taking the bottle just fine! Love that baby boy!

Anyway, so dad and I were up at 4 and left at 5, and drove straight to Disneyland. We rode Space Mtn first. And then Pirates of the Carribian. Then Dad got reservations at the Blue Bayou for lunch. We ate the famous Monte Cristo sandwich. It was delicious and huge! We were both wishing we had just shared since neither of us could even finish! :) Then we went over to ride the Indiana Jones ride and then the Big Thunder Railroad. Next we headed over to California Adventure. We first rode Tower of Terror. My dad kept saying how shocked he was that there was no line. It was soooooo fun!!! Then we went over and rode Soarin' over CA...I LOVED this ride! So amazing you smell what's on the screen! :) Then we went to ride the big rollercoaster California Screamin! So fun! 60 mph! Then we waited in the longest line of the day Toy Story Mania! It was awesome! 3D Arcade got to shoot at stuff and rack up points. I kicked my dad's butt!! :) But he will point out, he had better accuracy! HAHA! We headed back to Disneyland and watched a parade. We grabbed an ice cream and decided to go and check in to our hotel. (about 5 pm at this point)It was a Marriot. It was so nice! :) We literally went to the bathroom, set down our bags, and filled my water bottle and were in the car and back at Disneyland! Since my dad is a smartie pants, everytime we rode a ride, he would fast pass our favorite ones. So when we got back, we ate a corndog...then went and rode all our favorites again! We watched the firworks and then went back to CA Adventure and watched the water show. Then we walked back to Disney, bought our souveniers and rode the Haunted Mansion. :)

Theme of the day? WALKING! Haha! Th next morning I could barely move! My feet, shins, calves, and butt were so sore! My dad is so tall..most of the day I would keep up with him. But every now and then he would get ahead of me. But I liked it. I was totally along for the ride. I had a great time! I love my dad so much! He's so good to me and really makes me feel special. I think we were ready to go home, because we were both up and showered before 9! HAHA! I really enjoyed the break from all my responsibilities, but Disney really made me miss my kids. I kept thinking how much Kelsi would love all the characters and princesses. Maybe in a few years. But next year, Jason and I are taking a trip for sure! Just the two of us!!!!!

Back to reality:

We drove home Tuesday Aug 17...KEATON IS 3 MONTHES OLD!! :) We got home around 3. My mom and I had the kids packed up and in my truck by 4:30...I found out on the ride home I had a Primary Presidency meeting this night at I stopped at Cafe Rio to get dinner... came home to a messy smelly house, ate and Jason droppped Keaton and I off at the church. When I got home from my meeting, I folded some laundry and fell asleep on the couch with Kyler. The next day, Kyler had woken up with a cold...and was a total whiner all day. I had to go to the bank, the laundrymat, and the grocery store. After work, Jason had to empty 3 dumpsters, come home, change, eat and then was out to an EQ meeting until well after 9...I was feeling completely overwhelmed. The house was still a wreck, and I was exhausted. I just found myself upset. I decided I could let this feeling over take me, or I could just take one thing at a time. I decided to say a prayer and read my scriptures. I felt totally comforted. I know if I continue to do things that are pleasing to our Heavenly Father, he will bless us. I am so blessed. I'm so thankful for my family. And a little Mickey Mouse doesn't hurt either! ;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So Excited!

Kelsi got into preschool! We are SO excited!! I dropped in Friday on a whim and put her name on the list. I was seriously the last person to sign up. I was so shocked when they called! :) And I love that she is just as thrilled as I am!

Anywho, it was Kyler's 2nd birthday Sunday. We had a great time! Lots of family and friends stopped by. He had the most adorable Caillou cake my dad made, and was showered with gifts. And ofcourse, the show stopper present was from Kyler's favorite Aunt and Uncle, Nick and Candice! They got him a mini 4 wheeler, that looks exactly like Jason's! Its so awesome!! :) He really had a great day. He was so cute leading everyone to the freezer to check out his cake. He's such a sweetheart!

Things have really been looking up for the family. Business has been booming this week and we are sure grateful we will be able to pay some extra bills this month. The only downside I can find in the situation, is Jason has to work really long hours. But to be honest, I really don't mind. :) I like having the kids on a normal routine. And the best news of all: MY DAD GOT A JOB!! Thank heavens! We have had some serious family fasts and I know I have been praying for this regularly! Its so hard to watch people you love struggle. I'm so very thankful its all working out. I just pray he has a good experience at this school. And I'm really excited the school is so close to my house. Maybe I will be able to see him more often! :)

One more thing. Our ward (the Winchester Ward) and the Morning Sun ward met last Sunday. They changed the boundaries of both wards, dissolved The Wichester Ward, and made a new ward: The Washington Avenue ward. We got a new bishopric and everyone was released of their calllings. I have to be honest. I am very sad this happened. I lost just about all my friends. I'm thankful for the ones who live close to me. And most of all, I know this happened for a reason. I will just have to wait and see what that reason was.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Told Ya!!

Hmm..July 30th..yup..bad at journaling! HAHA! Well, Keaton was born via c-section Monday May 17, 2010. I was addmitted to be induced Friday and by Sunday I hadn't made much progress. I was at a 6 pretty much all day. I started getting a fever and the chills, and the baby's heart started racing. So they came in and did an emergency c-section. I was pretty scared. And very nausous!! When they pulled him out, the cord was wrapped around his neck. And he still had a cone head because he had been trying to decend all day. Thank heavens it all turned out ok. I am so in love with little Keaton David. Its like Christmas when you have another baby. A little gift you get to learn all about. He is such a good baby. He sleeps a lot and has put himself on a schedule. He wakes up once every night to nurse. He has started cooing and smiling. And his daddy and grandpa David can get him to laugh. He is so sweet and very mellow. I'm still a little traumatized from the surgery!! We had always talked about having 4 children. But when the Dr said any other pregnancy I have will end in a c-section, it sure put some doubt in my mind. But after talking to friends and family who are experts, I think it might not be so bad. But 4 under 4 , I don't know if I could do it. Some days 3 under 3 feels like I reach my limit. But I really am grateful for each of them. Since my last post, Kelsi turned 3. We got her ears peirced for her birthday. She is such a big girl. She is so smart. She loves to dance and sing and is such a good helper to me. She and Kyler love to hold their new brother. I went today to try to get her in a preschool. I was put on a lottery and will find out Wednesday if we got in. I am praying she does! Kyler turns 2 Sunday. He is such a big boy! He is starting to potty train himself. He hasn't gone #2 in his diaper in a week! :) I sure love that!! Until my next post!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well, I figured I would create a blog! I'm HORRIBLE at journal writing, so I figure, with our business and Facebooking I'm online enough, I can sign in once and a while and update everyone with what's going on.

I'm 32 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and that is all I can think about. I'm just really hoping my life won't totally be out of control when baby #3 gets here. The Dr. says I'm measuring a little big and I've been having constant back pain. So I'm looking forward to May rolling around.

Kelsi is such my big girl! She will be 3 in July. I have tried and failed at potty training so far. Its weird, she will only go #2 in the potty, but trying to get her to go pee, is like pulling teeth. Everyone says she's not ready yet. But I sure am! The thought of 3 kids in diapers, is so disturbing! I really just need to remember to have patience and, so I've been told, let her take her time.

Kyler will be 2 in August. He is talking so much! It so much easier when they start communicating. He is such a good boy. He is really pretty mellow and I love how he's becoming a really attached to Jason. Every morning Kyler wakes up about 15 mins. before Jason goes to work and follows him around the house. Jason loves it. They get to have their little bonding time.

Our business has really slowed down. I'm just really grateful we put money away and paid some bills enough in advance to help us weather the hit construction is getting. Thankfully someone did order a dumpster for this weekend. I'm so thankful.

Well I think that's enough for now. I'm sure I will have more to get off my mind tomorrow.

PS. They were watching Snow White after church Sunday. Kelsi is afraid of the wicked witch!