The Carr Family

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The GOOD with the BAD.....


We started Saturday morning VERY early. My cousin got baptized, so we had to be 25 minutes across town at 9 am. It was a very beautiful baptism, and Jason got to help confirm her. We headed over to my uncle's house for a delicious brunch!

Afterwards we went to Costco. Man do I love Costco! I mean, between the samples to keep the kids happy and the low prices on huge amounts of things to keep my bank account (and hubby) happy, who doesn't? After shopping and a small lunch, I somehow talked my (AMAZING) mother into taking Kelsi and Kyler for the night. (She actually volunteered the day before to take them both when Kelsi tried to go home with her after we met for lunch.)

Jason, Keaton and I headed home. While they got naps, I cleaned the house and put away all the Costco finds. I had a few things I needed to return to Kohl's, and some Kohl's cash that was about to expire! :) So Jason said he wanted to go with me..BEST KOHL'S TRIP EVER!! We found him a really nice suit on clearance! The jacket alone was well over $200 we were even more thrilled when we got to the register and both pieces were marked down even more! So a beautiful suit for under $50!! Plus my Kohl's cash and my 30% off! Woohoo!! :) Don't worry, I got some new shoes, food processor and a couple other things too! :)

Anyway, after shopping, we hurried home to get ready for another baptism. After that, Jason and I went to sushi. Always an adventure with a 10 month old! I even nursed him in the truck before we went in. I got him to sleep, but as soon as we opened the door to get out..he wakes up..and WILL NOT go back to sleep! :( He was pretty good..and the sushi was YUMMY! We ate until we couldn't anymore!

The next day we went to church. Afterwards, we came home, ate lunch and tried to get in a quick nap. (Well again, Jason and the baby did) Then we headed over to my parent's house to eat dinner. SO yummy! Then we all went over to my uncle's house again for FHE! And some desert!

When we finally got home, I got the kids in bed. My mom said Kyler had started coughing pretty bad the night before. So I gave him some cough medicine and plugged in the humidifier. He was pretty restless and had me going back and forth to his room for a few hours. About 2 in the morning I woke up and had a feeling like I was going to throw up. I was pacing around the house praying to throw up so I would feel better to go back to sleep. With no luck on the barf, I finally fell asleep a few hours later. When I woke up my body felt like I had been ran over by a truck.

I ached everywhere. Now having the flu and being a stay at home mom is completely different from just having the flu. The kids started getting up around 7:30..after about the 10th time of them coming in saying they were hungry, I stumbled out of bed and down the hall. I still managed to make Kelsi eggs (her favorite) and get Kyler his bowl of yogurt and bowl of cereal.

They were really good about entertaining themselves. Finally around 1 Jason came home from work early to take care of me. I was asleep on the bed with the boys when he came home. He did a few loads of laundry for me, and I rested as much as I could.

That night, Jason woke up with the flu. He actually went into work, but only lasted about a half hour and came home. (SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH WHEN HE WALKED DOWN THE HALL WHILE I WAS STILL IN BED!!! :) ) I still wasn't 100%, but knew I had to just tough it out. I got up and got everyone ready for the day, and took Kelsi to preschool. On Jason's way home from work he called my mom and asked her if she would take Kelsi for another night. She was the only one who didn't have the flu or a cold. She was stoked! :)

We met my mom for lunch and took the kids to the library. It was so cute how excited they got to get their first library cards! Who knew you can be any age! :)

I went back home and Jason looked worse than when I left. He had a pretty rough night and couldn't keep anything down. So around 9 am I took him to the ER. Poor guy! :( We went to the hospital near my parent's house so she could help me watch the kids as I came back and forth to the hospital. He was discharged around 3 pm.

Friday my mom went to the temple and met us afterward. Kelsi talked her way into going with grandma again! She made out like a bandit! :)My parent's went to a wedding that night and Kelsi didn't have anything to wear! No fear! Grandma's here!! :) She got new shoes, a dress and a matching headband...
My Beautiful Girl!

Jason ended up staying home the rest of the week. Thankfully by Saturday he was feeling a little bit back to himself. He ended up having a nice paying side job so he was gone all day.

My dad and Kenzie met me that morning so I could take Kelsi back home. But Papa asked her: Kelsi, do you want to come back home with us? Or go home with your mom?
Hmmm..Yup..Grandma's house is way better!! HAHA

But it all worked out. I made another Kohl's trip with the boys and am proud to say after 10 months, yes, I'm finally out of my maternity jeans! Embarrassing! But yes, I finally bought some new pants and capris for summer.

The next day we went to my parent's house and watched conference and made delicious breakfast! I love watching conference with my family. Even though it is hard with little ones. (Sorry Mom) And I love spending time with my sister. She is such a beautiful young woman! I love being around her. And its so nice to see that she and Jason are actually friends now! (Only took 6 years guys! JK)

I'm so grateful for my family and all their love and support. And I wish to never ever have the flu again!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keaton is 10 Months old!

Oh my baby boy how I love you!!!

Your milestones:

-You are so close to walking! You stand on your own and hold on to everything you can to help you get around!
-You love your big sister! She can make you giggle and she is always there to help you get down or get you a snack.
-You are into EVERYTHING!
-You are eating solid foods more and more.
-You still aren't sleeping through the night. :(
-You recognize your family and extended family.
-You hate your carseat! But I love to watch you look out the window when we're driving...
-Last week at the Dr. you weighed 21 lbs!
-You have the loudest screeching scream and are babbling like crazy!
-You LOVE LOVE LOVE the bath! And that makes us all excited about summertime!
-You are so happy and rarely cry!
-You always have 1 sock or 1 shoe on!! Drives me nuts!! :)

We love you baby boy! We're so thankful you're in our family! And I thank my Heavenly Father every day for sending you to us!

Dentist...take 2!

Well yesterday was day 2 of going to the dentist. Kyler got a filling and Kelsi got her teeth cleaned. It was a pretty easy trip. The office staff are great there! They're so friendly, helpful and GREAT with the kids! Kyler had to be put under (FREAKING EXPENSIVE) sedation for his filling. He was pretty loopy by the end of the appointment. So they carried the baby to the car for me. I brush their teeth twice a day! So basically, I need to floss their teeth everyday and seriously lay off the sugar! No more juice, sips of mom's DP, and major cut down on candy! And I guess a brush between meals would help a little too. But thankfully she also said it has to do with heredity. And Jason's always had trouble with his teeth. Where I on the other hand didn't go to the dentist for 2 years and didn't have a single cavity! Sorry babe! :( Anyway, glad that's over with!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Oh man. So ya, I'm one of the clumsiest people ever! When I was growing up, I would constantly fall -UP- the stairs! I would trip over stuff, and to this day I still stub my toes on furniture and of course now toys!

Jason has this little nickname he loves to call me anytime I hurt myself..or especially if one of the kids hurt themselves..he looks over at me, smirks and shakes his head and says "Claude-they get that from you!" DRIVES ME NUTS!! :)

Anyway, today I totally deserved the name. When the kids and I got home from doing our errands, the baby was pretty much done being patient with me. He was hungry and was letting me know it! ****I've been trying to wean him from breastfeeding, I have him eat a combination of fruit and vegetable puree, baby oatmeal and (breast)milk. So, I was running around the house, straightening up, changing the laundry and making his food. I walked over to get a spoon and didn't even look up as I was walking back to him while I was stirring it all up. I walked right into the corner of the cupboard door! It almost knocked me on my butt!! I have now a big SORE bump on my forehead!

Making it worse, Keaton was still crying, and showing how he could give a crap that I was in pain, he wanted that food! :) And poor Kelsi. She is a big ball of sensitivity. She immediately bursts into tears saying, "Mom! Are you going to bleed?" Such my tender-hearted child! And to top it all off, Kyler, hahaha, I'm laughing just thinking about it! He just says,"Oh damn it mom! Are you ok?" Whoopsie! Did that slip out???

Oh well what can you do. Another adventure of an imperfect mom.. on that note, Jason was looking at Kyler's teeth Sunday, he noticed he had a cavity. Jeez! Did I feel like mother of the year... :( I brush his teeth morning and night..but I guess I can not keep up with his sugar intake. That kid, I swear, he can sniff out sugar and chocolate from a mile away! And he'll scale the counter tops too! So needless to say, the candy was put up very high and this morning was spent calling around for a children's dentist. Its just crazy. 6 months ago we took him to a dentist. He was cavity free. But thankfully after being with family all day Sunday, we were all able to convince Jason it is partly heredity that is to blame for being susceptible to more cavities..thank goodness his mom stopped by! LOL! :) I'm just hoping tomorrow will be a good experience for the two of us. They might have to put him under to get the cavity taken care of! Good luck little buddy!

***If this is too graphic for you, I apologize! But hey! This is my journal! So relax and just enjoy being a voyer in the privacy of your pj's! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Well check....

Yesterday Keaton and Kyler had a Dr. apt. They were both scheduled for shots. Since my mom had surgery a week ago, I asked Kenzie to watch Kelsi. We got up early and took Kelsi to preschool. I told Kyler we were going to the Dr today and he was going to get shots. He seemed fine with it. Even kind of excited about it. We picked up Kelsi and drove to my mom's house. We visited for a while, had lunch, then the boys and I went to the Dr. They were really good for me. Keaton weighs 20 lbs and Kyler weighs 31. I talked to the Dr about how I want to start weaning Keaton. He'll be 10 months in a few days. She said I'd have to put him on formula until his birthday. Not what I wanted to hear. He has been eating tons of baby food. But not as much as I wish he would. Keaton got 2 shots in his legs and a toe prick on his big toe for an iron test. Poor little guy. He screamed with the two shots! Kyler got two shots in his legs and 1 in his arm. He cried with all the shots, but quickly calmed down as soon as the nurse mentioned he'd get to pick out a sucker! He was so happy to get dressed and go to the check out counter! He picked himself a sucker and I told him he should get one for Kelsi. We drove back to my mom's house and what do you know? Kyler ate both suckers! Little stinker! I didn't feel too bad when I got a text from Kenz.


She took Kelsi to get slurpees!

The rest of the day Kyler told everyone the Dr hurt him! Poor little buddy! Oh ya, she also told us Kyler has exima...he has all these red patches on his legs and belly... any good lotions you recommend?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quick Update

Not much going on around the Carr household!

Friday night I got to have a well deserved ladies night! My mom and I a few weeks ago saw an ad for the BYU Young Ambassador's...they're a performing group that travel all around the world..we figured..hey for 5 bucks..what the heck! So we bought enough tickets for myself, my mom, my sister, my grandma, my aunt, my sister in law and a girl my brother was dating. As the date grew closer, my sister in law said she had a trip planned for Utah for a while now, so she cancelled. Then the girl my brother was dating said she had to work late that night. Then everytime my poor aunt turned around she had a sick kid or spouse! Since my mom was having surgery the following week she couldn't chance getting my aunt had to cancel. So we had 3 extra tickets. My mom invited her friend June her other friend Julie and her daughter Mandy. We met at Chili's for dinner..and then headed to the show.. it was freezing that night! And the show was outdoors! All we could do was laugh at the hokey show and how cold we were! Afterwards, we grabbed a hot chocolate and doughnuts at Krispy Kreme's! It was a fun night!

Tuesday my mom had surgery..she's recovering at my grandma's house. My dad and I both thought it would be too much for myself and all 3 kids to be around her for the first few days. But she did call today and said "Come over now-I need to see my babies!" HAHA!

We got our refund last feels so nice paying things off! :) This is by far our favorite time of the even compares to Christmas! I'm praying we have some money left over to take a trip. Just Jason and me! I want to go to Disneyland so freakin bad!!! He and I need and deserve a break to relax and have a fun and spend some alone time!

Kyler and Kelsi are doing great sleeping in their own beds! Kyler sleeps through the night and is so proud of himself for doing so! We rewarded him this week by taking him to Target and letting him pick out a new bedding set! He ofcourse chose the one covered in baseballs, footballs and soccor balls! Kelsi does better at falling asleep fast, like her dad! But still wakes up occasionally during the night and wants to sleep with us. She has such a wild imagination and a vivid memory..I think she has bad dreams. But she as well got a new bedding set...we picked it out "together" haha! She wanted Hannah Montana or princesses! We compromised on flowers! Its really great, because they also make their beds each day!

Keaton will be 10 months this month. He is babbling and crawling everywhere. He also walks while holding on to furniture, the walls, the chairs or anything taller than him. He's been eating baby food really well. Its so adorable to watch him eat. I have an apt with his pediatrician next week, I'm hoping she will give me the ok to start weaning him off breastmilk. I just hope she won't make me put him on formula!

Other than all that, we're just surviving. We're enjoying any family time we can get. And are trying to keep up with church, family and life!

Until next time!