The Carr Family

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keaton is 11 months old today!

I took this pic of you with my phone this morning while we were getting ready for church! Now that you're walking nothing is safe, hence all the DVD's you pulled down and were as happy as could be as I caught you red handed!

Time is flying!! We are so blessed to have you apart of our family! You make us so happy! You're always smiling and rarely cry! We were out and about almost all day yesterday, so you were in your car seat a lot! Not a peep out of you! You were just as happy as can be! You're walking all over the place now! All the family get really excited and shout,"LOOK! LOOK! HE'S WALKING!" Grinning ear to ear! So sweet! You melt my heart little man! I love your snuggles and big 'ol smile! And especially your big slobbery kisses you give only mama!

You are getting so big! Tonight at dinner you didn't hesitate to let me know you wanted everything I was eating! You ate pears, carrots, diced chicken breast and lots of french bread! You're such a sweet boy! Love you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Logandale Trip...

This weekend was bittersweet! Jason and I were supposed to leave Sunday for our Disneyland Trip, and weren't even supposed to be home until tomorrow! But, due to a sweet little almost 11 month old, who still needs his mama, the trip is postponed!

So we decided since Jason already had the time off, and the State Fair was this weekend, what better time to take out the newly repaired toy hauler!

After loading everything, shopping and waiting for someone's sister... :)we finally left (very late) Friday night. Jason and Kelsi went on without me, and Kenzie,the boys and I drove up a about 30 minutes after him. We were quite proud of ourselves for finding our campsite in the dark, where we had never been before! It was a fun drive up. Lots of Sister gab and TWIZZLER sharing! Love you so much baby sister!! :)

We got settled in our campsite, and unloaded everything. It was so funny to watch the kids as they grasped the concept that we were going to actually sleep in the trailer. In weeks before, they were so excited and asked everyday if today was the day we were going camping. I finally had to make a countdown so Kelsi could mark it day by day. Anyway, after we unloaded we kind of just hung out. I made everyone something to eat and Jason started a nice campfire. With a little help from 'gasolina'! HAHA! :)

The next morning, we got up, made breakfast. Jason took everyone (but me) for a ride on the 4 wheeler. They had a lot of fun! Kenzie and I got the kids ready to head out to the fair. Jason had a friend from work meet him out there so they could go ride.

As we pulled up to the fair it began to rain-hard. We met Nick and Candice and bought a few extra tickets for Jarred, Jordan and his friend Christy. We walked in the fair and kind of made a dash for one of the covered stages. Callie was performing with her gymnastics group. As we were walking up to the stage, a huge bolt of lightning cracked in the sky! It was so scary! Apparently it knocked out the power to the stage and the sound system was down. Unfortunately they had to cancel her performance. Stacey took the kids and left. While we waited for my mom and dad to come we got the pleasure of watching some middle aged belly dancers perform! :) HAHA!

Since it was raining it started getting cold. It even started hailing. Nick felt bad for Keaton and went over and bought him this lovely poncho!

Thankfully for Kelsi and Kyler, their aunt's and uncle's were there. So they were nice and spoiled and actually got to ride a few rides. (We're usually too cheap to let them do this, and to be fair, they've always been too little) Kelsi saw this ride from across the field. She said she wanted to ride the ducks! As we grew closer, Candice and I noticed, they're bees! HAHA!

After they rode their ride, we ate some yummy overpriced fair food! Corndogs, funnelcakes, and carmel apples! Then we went to a hypnotist show, which was hilarious and awesome! We walked around a few of the displays, and saw the 4-H livestock. My parents of course ran into people they know (happens everywhere we go with them!) We decided we should actually eat something somewhat better for us, so we all packed it up and drove to our campsite.

We had a fun time eating lunch, playing games and Jason scaring the crap out of the girls with a ride on the 4 wheeler! It was a fun time! Love my family!

After the relaxing, we loaded everyone back up and headed back to the fair. We went to the rodeo. We lasted until about 20 minutes until it was supposed to be over. That's pretty good considering we had all 3 kids! We walked around for a bit to find something to eat. It was so freezing outside! Jason and I just laughed because the kids were crying they were so cold, and that they wanted ice cream! So funny! After spending $9 on a BBQ sandwich for Jason and $5 on the worst funnel cake I ever tried, we decided to leave. We were all exhausted.

The next day was a really nice family day. We hung around camp and took some naps. Ate and laughed. Kelsi and I killed time by fooling around with the camera, while the boys went for a ride. The kids loved the beautiful little mountains and caves they could explore.

That night we made smores! Delicious!

The next morning, Jason's brother Aaron came up to go riding. They took the kids on a few rides. Then they came back for lunch. I was pretty much ready to go home. So I loaded up the kids and my truck and left. They stay for a few hours so they could do some big boy riding! We had a blast! Such a beautiful place to camp! Lots of fun memories and bonding time!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Well with all the sickness going around my house last week, I missed a momentous occasion! As of March 23rd, I've had a blog for a year! I'm dang proud of myself for keeping pretty good tabs on the fun times and hard times my family has shared!

Thanks to all who read this. Or stalk this! Hey, we all do it! :)

And thank you for blogging too! I love reading what you have to write, and seeing that I'm not alone in feeling like a crazy woman sometimes! Its so nice to have somewhere to go that is just for me, a place to write down my thoughts and memories, and a place to find inspiration.

On another note, I watched the Emma Smith story this weekend for the first time. I was so moved by her life. I'm ashamed to say I didn't know quite as much as I thought I did about her. What an amazing woman. I don't know if I could be as strong as she was. She is certainly someone I admire and eventhough she's been gone for more than 130 years now, she is still someone to emulate. I loved that she was such a wonderful mother and that she had a love for music. It was such a moving movie. I hope like her, I can continue to keep a journal! Even if it is a blog!