The Carr Family

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sorry Honey!

Jason turned 39 yesterday! :) Poor guy! Not because he's 39, but he had the LONGEST day! He had to wake up extra early to drop a dumpster, then he had to run around all afternoon. I make it a point not to ride along with him on these drops anymore, what with the 3 kids. But I decided since it was his birthday, I would suck it up and we'd ride with him. We didn't do anything special. I came home and made pizza. And he went to bed shortly after that.
I feel bad. But we're so strapped lately since business has been so slow. So we did kind of a little date night last week for our birthdays. And we did have that family party last week too. Oh well. Sorry babe! I love you! Things will get better!
Tonight we went to Jason's work. They had a Halloween party for the team member's families. It was actually a blast. I love dressing up the kids! Its been so fun this week! They had tons of games and we got lots of cute Halloween decorations to take home. They had a buffet of finger foods set up and one of the manager's was dressed up like a pirate. He kept walking around asking for "booty"! :) The guy is super annoying and kind of gross, so I laughed extra at this.
After that, we went to Jason's grandma's house to visit her and to show her the kid's costumes. We didn't stay long. Her house isn't kid proof. And she kept reminding the kids of that too. LOL!
This weekend is going to be so fun. Lots of family and lots of candy! I can't believe Halloween is here already! To be honest, the sooner Christmas is here and gone the better. Hate feeling like this, but these past 6 months have been the hardest on us. I just pray things turn around!
End on a happy note. I love my kids. They are so funny. We had a blast driving together in Jason's truck singing our hearts out to the radio and playing games to keep Kyler happy. :) Fun day. Fun night. Goodnight!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One Year Older....

Whoa! 26! Yup its my Birthday today! Kind of strange that I don't feel any different. And it doesn't even feel like it is my birthday. You know when you're a kid and the excitement measures up to Christmas? I'm sure it has to do with having 3 kids right? No one got up to make me breakfast today. No party today. But that's ok! I'm coming to terms with being this old. :)And we did have a family dinner Sunday night to celebrate all the October birthdays. Yup, Jason, myself, Kenzie and my sister in law Candice all have birthdays this month! And I'd have a family dinner over a party any day!

I've learned so much this year. For one, family is EVERYTHING! I would not have survived this year with out them. Yes all of them. Husband, Children, Parents, Grandparents, and Siblings(and sibling in laws!) This year has had a lot of ups and mostly downs. I can only pray 2011 will be better.

I wrote a big ol long update last week, but for some reason or other kept forgetting to post it and it got deleted. :( So I'll just recap a little.

Kelsi goes to preschool twice a week and loves it. She comes home with so many cute things! I've really had to filter what I keep and toss. I love her little sweet spirit. She always wants to help mom with whatever I'm doing. Whether its cooking, cleaning or taking care of Keaton!

Kyler is my little mama's boy! He is talking so much. He's such a good boy. He loves being outside and always wants to go bye-bye! I love his platinum hair! And he always get comments on it when we are at the store. He loves to go to his grandma's house. And loves to play with his sister and brother.

Keaton is now 5 months old! Its really gone by so fast! He has 2 teeth on the bottom. He rolls over and is starting to scoot anytime he's put on the floor. He kind of has this screech when he's excited. And he laughs for hours. He is another mama's boy. And I love this! :)

Jason and I stay busy. Both in our church calling and in life. We were blessed this weekend by him having a side job. She is a recent widow in our ward and asked Jason if he'd be her handy man. She is such a sweet lady, we're hoping this will work out for us. No other news to report so far! Halloween is a week a way! Next week will be so fun! We have a few parties to go. I love this time of they year! And having kids to participate with, is a BLAST!!

Happy Birthday to me! I feel so loved. My cell has been chiming all morning with Happy Birthday Texts, and my Facebook is filled with well wishes! Love it!

Until next time!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Whoa! Its been forever since I've last been on here!! Let's see....

Kelsi---has been enjoying preschool! She goes twice a week and loves it. She gets to learn more of her numbers, letters, shapes and colors. She is such a sweetheart. We went to the park the other day. A funny little story: as soon as we got to the playground she took her shoes off. She was running around singing,"Let your piggies free! Let your piggies free!!" She's hilarious!! She's my big helper and loves her brothers. She always wants to hold her little brother Keaton. And even though they drive me nuts, her and Kyler are best buds. Another funny story: Today I mopped the floor. During which, Nick called me. We chatted on the phone for a good while. I walked in the other room and the next thing I hear is the splashing of the mop water. I walk in the kitchen and Kelsi is in there, mop in hand with her church shoes on, mopping everywhere that was almost dry. I shouted at her to get in her room. I heard her tell Kyler," Mom is CRAZY!!" Nick sure thought that was funny! <3 Her!!!

Kyler---is my big boy! While Kelsi is in school, the boys and I usually got to the park right next door to her school. He loves to run and play. I get many comments from others about how fearless he is because he goes on the "big" slide. You have to go up 3 different sets of stairs to get to it. He is talking so much now. I love it. He is so sweet and is surely a mama's boy! He loves to go "bye bye", he loves to be on Dad's dirt bike or do anything outdoors. He still continues his obsession of Caillou. We were driving home quite late Sunday night from my cousin Jennifer's wedding. Jason and I both looked at each other and knew Kyler was tired, mainly from the cries coming from him about wanting to watch Caillou!! :) He was zonked 5 minutes later. He also loves his grandma's. All 4. The other day I was sitting with him and said,"Guess what Kyler?" He said,"Grandma's coming over?" HAHA!! So sweet. I said,"No buddy sorry. I was just going to tell you, I love you." He said," Oh, I love you too Mommy!"

Keaton---will be 5 months old the 17th of this month. He has two teeth on the bottom. He rolls over and laughs at his brother and sister all day. He's a chunky little baby. He's such a good boy. And he's a good sleeper. He is waking up only about once a night to nurse. He loves to take baths. And I've recently forced him to take a pacifier. I just feel like it really helps him to soothe himself. We love little Keaton and couldn't imagine our lives without him.

Jason---and I, continue with the stressful lives we lead. He's still the 1st counselor in EQ and I'm still the 2nd counselor in Primary. We both love our callings. They're very fulfilling and we both feel great after we are given the opportunity to serve those in our ward. And we both seem to have a little extra time on our hands. Well Jason does anyway. Nothing much has changed for me. But business is pretty much at a dead hault. It really sucks. I hate the worry and struggle of where we're going to be each month.