The Carr Family

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School

This week students around the valley headed back to school. And it was super exciting for the Carr family, because miss Kelsi started Kindergarten!!! She was so cute!! The whole family woke up to drive her and then we all walked her to the playground and found her class. It was really neat because her school every morning has a morning assembly where they say the pledge and sing God Bless America. Jason and I thought that was so awesome!! And I guess that's where they will have morning announcements and stuff like that. After that we followed her class to the classroom. She walked right in and didn't even turn around to say goodbye! Haha! I'm not surprised though! She has always been our little independent lady.

She is enjoying taking her lunch, eating with her friends, having recess and loves PE! She told me they did yoga in PE this week! Um what? Haha! That's cool! She already has homework and loves her teacher. She even has 3 friends from her primary class there.

With the return of school, comes the mile long supply list. I'm trying to be thankful I only have one kid with a list. Because I will have two next year! Anyway, I was a little stir crazy last night and decided to go to Target to see if they had anything left of school supplies. I fed the kids dinner and bathed them and had them in their pj's. We got there and it was pretty busy. I was able I get most of the stuff so I was happy. So after we had circled the store I was ready to go. And oh my gosh. Kyler had the BIGGEST, LOUDEST, WORST temper tantrum EVER!!! He wanted a toy and didn't want one out of the $1 section and screamed and cried and even threw something, everytime I got him calmed down he just kept freaking out with bursts of anger. I just wanted to get out of there because ofcourse the whole store was staring and the teenage boy that was checking us out looked mortified. I just hurried us to the car and put him in his seat. As I was loading my bags in the trunk a lady and her teenage daughter stopped me. She said she wanted to tell me how much she respected me and how it was really commendable how I didn't overreact to how Kyler was acting. She said she has seen many parents go crazy. I have had many many people come up to me in stores and usually its a negative comment or unwanted advice. So it really made my night when someone actually gave me a pat on the back and a compliment. Just today some old guy walked past me with my 4 kids at Smith's and said i was "a brave little lady!" Maybe I am doing a few of these parenting things right. And thankfully my parents taught me how to be a good parent. Even though we've been through hell and back with a few incidents in my know-it-all teenage years and early
20's I'm glad they didn't give up on me ever!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Sister is Engaged!!

Well, its official! I'm an old lady! My little baby sister is engaged folks!

She has been dating Preston since early April. Our whole family loves him to death! He is such a good man and such a sweetheart! My kids adore him and he is so patient with the older 3 and he never gets mad when they are climbing and jumping all over him! In fact we all joke that we've never seen him get mad!

MacKenzie and Preston went on a trip to Disneyland a few weeks ago. Preston had been calling, texting and emailing me in secret, sending me pictures of rings for weeks! He had planned to propose after the firework show on the first night they were there. Well I was up waiting for a phone call from my sis with the news, and after it almost being midnight I texted them and asked if he firework show was over. I guess poor Preston had lost his wallet on a ride and they missed the firework show because they were looking for it. I felt so bad for him. He just said he was going to do it the next night. But I guess he couldn't wait because about an hour later I got a call and sister was engaged!! He couldn't wait and got down on one knee in front of the castle! She said YES!!

We are all so excited and we're getting ready for the last wedding of us 5 kids! February of 2012!

And a little miracle happened! A few weeks later Preston came home to an envelope on his bed. A lady had found his wallet and mailed it back to him!! So awesome!!

Kolton Christopher

The latest addition to the Carr family is here! Kolton was born July 24 via c-section at 1:34 pm. He weighed 8 lbs and was 20 inches long. This was planned so it was a completely different experience to go to the hospital knowing you're getting cut open and will have a baby all in a matter of hours.

Jason and I arrived at the hospital at 11 am. We got checked in and I changed my clothes and was hooked up to the IV. Which took two nurses and two different tries because of my lovely veins!! (Accompanied by my lovely bruise!) They took me back to the operating room a little after 1. The room was sooooo cold and soooo bright! The anesthesiologist put in my spinal block. And then Jason came in with the dr. I was so drugged up and exhausted from not much sleep the night before that I kept coming in and out of sleep. Jason said that the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck and he was so far up in my ribs they had to use a vacuum. Poor little guy. He had no hair and came out screaming! They sent Jason out with the baby and nurses so they could clean me up.

I was in recovery for about an hour an a half. I was so exhausted and itchy! Coming off the anesthesia is the worst. After we got to my room they brought the baby in. He was a hungry little man! I started nursing him right away! My mom came to admire the new little man! She and I were both worried he was going to be a troublemaker because he cried anytime he wasn't hooked up to me. Haha! She stayed for a couple hours and Jason left to go eat. Then my grandma came and brought the other three! It was so neat to see them all together! :) Then my dad came up, my sister and her boyfriend and then my brother Nick and his wife. It was a very busy night. And I don't remeber a lot of it because i was on a lot of pain meds... but I did enjoy hearing all the awwwwws! We stayed two nights and I was home Thursday evening. My mom kept the other kids that night (as well as the whole week before). It was nice being home in our own bed in the quiet. The next day my mom brought the kids back home and she stayed with us for another 5 nights. It was so nice having her there. My kids adore her and Jason was very happy too because she is a clean freak! :) We had tons and tons of visitors- family, friends and people from our ward. We keep trying to decide if he is our last. Crazy right? He's now a month old and we're contemplating a 5th????? HAHA!! Jason did say in the hospital,"He makes me want another baby!" Umm ok..haha! :)