The Carr Family

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As promised, here are a few pics. These ones are of course, Kelsi in her boots! She kept telling me how to take her picture and how she wanted to pose. I have like 10 different choices! I love this girl!

These are a few funny ones of Kyler sleeping. The first is how I came home to him after running a few errands with my mom. He was passed out on Uncle Jarred! The second, is showing his love for his -too big- snow boots that he's obsessed with! This week Kyler is sporting a black eye. The pic I took of that didn't turn out so well. He's had quite the week! Monday, he was jumping on the couch(which, how many times do we tell him not to!) and bit his lip. Freaked me out, thought he was going to need stitches! The next day, Kelsi was "baptizing" him in the bathtub, and smacked his forehead on the faucet. Again, freaked me out, and blood everywhere. But the black eye, came from him tripping over the vacuum, face first into the back of the couch! Poor buddy! ALL BOY!

Keaton is now 8 months old! I love my sweet little baby! I'm trying to soak up every inch of him since I've been told a few times he'll be my last! He has 8 teeth, says mama mama (which I love!) and is balancing on two feet! He loves Kelsi to death, if she walks into the room he immediately bursts into laughter!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Fun Weekend!

Friday, I spent the day with my mom! We hung out, went to visit my grandparents, and went to lunch with Kenzie when she got out of school. I left around 5 because they were going on a date. Jason was doing a side job for a guy, breaking down a hot tub and hauling the debris away. He got done close to 8, and the guy gave him a tip and told him to take his family to dinner! So he did! YUM YUM YUM! I love Cafe Rio!

Its been in the 69-70's for the past 4 or 5 days. Good ol LV! This weekend was fun! Mom, Dad, Kenzie, Candice, me, Kelsi and Keaton all went to the SWAP MEET! AY YI YI!! ARRIBA!! ;) It was funny seeing all the crazy things people try to sell.Candice bought Kelsi these boots with high heels on them. So ofcourse, she acts like she's 15when she wears them. Attitude and all!

That night, we went over to Paul and Kris's house for dinner. It was to celebrate Jaxon and Paul's birthdays. Paul turned 40 and Jaxon turned 4! They had some bbq'd chicken and rib eye? I think thats what its called. It was a fun night and the kids had a blast! I'm so glad they have lots of cousins to run around and get in to trouble with!

Jason got a call at 3 in the morning Sunday from his work. I guess everyone called in sick so they asked him to come in. Best part though was it was all OT!!!! It was so weird having him gone on a Sunday. Especially going to church by myself. I taught sharing time again. It went much better this week then it did last week. I still was sweating like no other! HAHA! Its crazy that those little kids make me so nervous! After Jason got home, we drove out to Moapa. My friend Becky and her fiance Jay bought a house out there. They're getting married Feb 12. We had dinner with them. It was a fun night! But like I told my mom, it would have been even better with out the kids! LOL! They were just bored! But Kelsi and Kyler kept everyone entertained with her dance moves and his wrestling!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Answered Prayers.

Today we got some really, really good news. Jason signed on a new account that will be using us weekly for dumpsters.

I never in my life remember feeling stress drift away. I teared up instantly. This has been so hard on us. I'm so thankful for my family and those out there who have taken care of us.

And I'm proud of us. I'm glad we can get through tough times and come out stronger. I'm glad we both have the same outlook when we got the good news; that we must learn from our trials.

This has been a crazy week. My night owl days seem to be getting limited. I'm going back to bed now.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Kids say the darndest.....

Before I forget:

-Kelsi, instead of saying next to you, she always says "I want to sit behind you"
-Kyler, he says firefruck. My family thinks this is hilarious!
-Kyler, whenever I'm making food for them, he always opens the oven and says "This is bery bery hot mommy!"
-Kelsi, if I ever forget to do something, she says "You got forgot Mommy!"
-Kyler, when he wakes up or can't find me he always cries "Mommy! Where are you! I lost you!"
-Kyler, for weeks, anytime he'd see me he'd ask "Mom, what you do today?"
-Kelsi, yesterday we were in the car, she took out her pigtails, which drives me insane. But as I looked back, she was shaking her head back and forth. I asked her what she was doing, she said " I just look fabulous Mom!"
-Kyler always asks for "frackers" or cracker! HAHA!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Boy do I love this baby! He is such a good boy! He barely cries! He is such a sweetheart! He is getting so big! When he was born his pediatrician told us he only has one testicle, and if they other one didn't come down by the time he was 6 months old, we'd have to take him to a specialist. Well, he'll be 8 months old in a few weeks, so I took him to a pediatric uroligist yesterday. After examining him, she determined that he will need surgery to remove the undecended testicle.

I did really well at the office! Didn't even cry. Honestly, I don't think it's hit me yet. The part I'm most worried about is the thought of little Keaton having to be put under and then having them put in a breathing tube. The Dr. did her best to assure me that this is a very routine procedure and because its done lapiscopically, there will be no scaring and minimal recovery.

I just have to leave it in the hands of Heavenly Father, and and if I do that, no matter what happens, it will all be ok.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its 2011 baby!

Peace out 2010!!! *******Besides the birth of Keaton*******

2010 was by far the worst year for my family! I'm not going to go into detail. But lets just say, I'm very excited and very optimistic about 2011.

Our New Year's Eve was VERY low key. Jason invited his parent's over for dinner. Basically because we don't spend Christmas with them. So they exchanged gifts with the kids. Kyler is obsessed with the little truck and ramp they gave him. It drives itself and flips over and under on this special ramp it came with. And I have to brag for a second, I put the whole thing together! Yup, Jason and his dad sat and watched and laughed at me. But I did it! :) I knew it wouldn't be put together for weeks if I waited for him, so I opened it, followed the directions and put it together!

They got Kelsi a peek-a-boo baby doll and Keaton some baby shakin' toys. We made chicken and cheese enchiladas with spanish rice and beans. They didn't stay long. Jason was falling asleep on the couch by 9. So I made him go to bed.

I finally got the kids to bed and the kitchen cleaned up by 11 or so. I was flipping back and forth to all the New Year's Eve broadcasts. Jason woke up about 15 minutes to 12. He was making fun of me because ofcourse the minute he decides to wake up I had MTV on. They were having a Jersey Shore 3 preview. They are so trashy! So he was making fun of me! HAHA! When it was 12 he wanted to go to the front door and see if we could hear the fireworks from the strip. That and all the mexican's in our neighborhood fire off their guns at midnight. We stood there for about a minute. Since we're having a cold front here it was freezing! That's all we could handle.

We ran back to bed to our warm blankets. I was asleep by 12:30! I guess I'm old too!