The Carr Family

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The mother of all recaps: 2013 Year in Review

January- My grandpa Randy passed away Jan. 3, 2013. It was such a sad day. As soon as we got the call we were over to grandma's house in a heartbeat. The funeral was a week later. It was so nice. My dad spoke, my uncle Justin spoke, my mom read the eulogy, the grandkids all sang I Am a Child of God and there were a few other special musical numbers. My grandpa was a bishop in his younger years and also a guidance counselor at Rancho HS. He was loved by so many. His funeral was a testament to what a wonderful man he was. It was so huge, seriously looked like a stake conference. I gave Kelsi for Christmas tickets to Disney on Ice. So we had a girls night out with my mom, sister, aunt and cousin. We went to dinner before and ice cream after. It was a fun night!! February- My sister got married!! It was such a beautiful day! Being at the temple with all my siblings was so wonderful. The reception was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! It was such a fun night! MacKenzie looked so beautiful and we sure love Preston! He is such a great addition to our family and a great uncle! We actually celebrated Valentines day this year! Since the actual day fell on a night Jason had to work we went a day or two before. Sushi and a movie! It was so fun! March- Easter was a nice day. Jason had to work, but we spent the morning together and also went to church before he had to leave. That night we went to my grandma's house for dinner and egg hunt. April- We went to the Logandale Fair again this year. Instead of our annual camping trip we opted for just a day at the fair. We drove up and walked around to the different exhibits. The kids rode a few rides and visited all the animals. The weather was pretty windy, but otherwise ok. The weather is ALWAYS bad for that poor fair! My sister came out for the day as well. She helps with the kids so I love having her around! My husband got his wish and we got chickens. UGH. HAHA..I've fought him on this forever. But he is in heaven! We make the kids collect eggs and feed them each morning. I still refuse to hold one! Animals just aren't my thing! We started out with 11, but after an accident we now have 10. 1 Rooster and 9 Hens. May- We got to go up to the cabin for a few days with my parents, grandma and sister and Preston and Jordan came up. It was so nice and relaxing. The weather was amazing. We went down to Cedar for one of the days. We went shopping and out to eat. Keaton turned 3! We had a small party at home. He got a robot cup he's been eyeing at Target, he got his own cake, which he thought that was pretty cool! We love Keaton! He's dad's favorite helper! He's a very hard worker and so loving! June- Jason and I discovered a few Farmer's Markets here in town. We got some delicious cherries, strawberries and looked at all the other amazing produce. The next day he was inspired and we canned our own pickles! He was over the moon! The two older kids can offically swim! It has been so fun! July- 4th of July, Jason had to work. The kids and I spent the night at my parents house and swam, had a BBQ and then went to my uncle's house for the annual homemade ice cream and firework show! Always a fun time with family! We got to go to the cabin one last time for the summer. The kids and I loaded up the truck and followed my parents up! Ive never driven to Utah by my self before. I was pretty nervous. Especially since I was driving not only Jason's truck, but it was also loaded up with my 4 wheeler he bought me. Jason was on a small fishing trip with his friend in Ely. And he met up with us at the cabin a few days later. This time at the cabin we went over to Bryce Canyon and hiked the canyons and picnicked. It was so nice up there. Kelsi also turned 6 at the cabin. We made her favorite spaghetti and I even made her favorite ice cream. Homemade mint chip! Kelsi is so smart and beautiful! She is such a blessing in our lives! She is mommy's big helper and such a good big sister! She loves to read (my child) and LOVES math(Jason's child). Kolton turned 1! We swam and had a BBQ at my mom's house. It was pretty humid out. But we still had a great time! Kolton is such a sweet boy! He loves to give kisses and is such a koala bear when he gives his hugs. He is just like Kyler was, prefers mom over everyone, and follows me around the house. But he does love his daddy. Jason is known on his days off or on the rare occasion he's home for nap time,to rock Kolton to sleep! August- Kyler turned 5! We spent a family day together and opened gifts when he woke up the house to announce it was his birthday! Later that night we went to my moms house for an Ironman cake and ice cream. Kyler is such a sweet smart boy. He is very loving and loves to play. He still has his platnium blond hair! Kelsi lost her first tooth! A very exciting day in our house! Everyone was excited! Her tooth fairy brought her $1. And for all you parents out there who are letting your tooth fairy give your child a $20! Seriously, you are what is wrong with America today! #justsayin Our chickens finally started producing eggs! They're brown and cage free. September-My dad had a birthday luau swim party! It was so fun. Jason was in San Diego this weekend with group of friends for a deep sea fishing trip. He brought home 12 HUGE fish. Tuna and yellowtail. The day he was driving home was also the first day of school. Kyler started Kindergarten and Kelsi 1st grade! October- This is our birthday month! For my bday Jason took me to The Melting Pot. It was so fun and surprisingly romantic! For Jason's birthday we double dated with a friend of his from work Dion and his wife. We went to sushi! Jason had to work on Halloween this year. So this year we went to the kids school for the carnival. Everyone loved our Wizard of Oz theme! Kelsi-Dorothy ofcourse Kyler- tinman Keaton-scarecrow and Kolton-my lion! After the carnival we went to my uncle's house for dinner and trick or treating. Then over to my brother Nick's house for a haunted house. November- We went to the kids party again at Opportunity Village for Jason's work. It was seriously my favorite year. It was not cold AT ALL. And there were 0 lines. We seriously walked onto everything. So this made for happy kids! We did Thanksgiving on a Tuesday night this year. It was such a fun night! Delicious food and fun time! On actual Thanksgiving, we watched the parade on tv. Then that afternoon we went to see Frozen with my parents. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! We went to Makino (won't go back) and came home and watched a dvd. One of the days I was waiting outside the kids school, I was listening to the radio. I totally won tickets to the Selena Gomez concert! HAHAHAH So random! I took my sister to the concert. It as a cute little show! December- We went to the annual Desert Chorale Christmas concert at Ham Hall. I made my annual walk down to the student union starbucks for a hot chocolate and doughnut with an uncooperative baby haha. And then Keaton got brought out to me too. After it was over we went with Kenzie and Preston to Bellagio to see the fountains with Christmas music! Kids love it! One of our clients and Jason really get a long. They are like brothers. So much a like and have really formed into a great bond. He has been a real blessing to us and has really helped keep our business sustained this year and last. He took our whole family to dinner to the Geisha House. It was so fun and delicious!!! The kids loved to watch the food be grilled right before their eyes on the habachi grill. Christmas was a busy week. I made tons of goodies for friends, teachers and Jason's hometeaching families. Monday before Christmas we went to my uncles for dinner and white elephant gift exchange. It was so fun and we all went home happy. The next night on Christmas Eve we went to my parents for PJ party and chinese food. Christmas we got up opened presents and then went back over to my parents for breakfast and more gifts. The sunday before New Years Jason was at work. He texted me and said his stomach was upset. An hour later he texted me and said he threw up. Just after that message, Kyler and Keaton threw up. Every hour for about 5 hours. Jason tried to leave work but they didn't have anyone to cover him. Needless to say, his mom and brother had to go pick him up at 10 and take him to the ER because he was so dehydrated. By that time it hit me and I also got sick. Those two days were a blur. What a way to end the year huh? My mom came over monday night and brought us some soup, cleaned our house and took Kelsi home. Mom got sick a few days later. Then my grandma,now my dad! Man I feel so bad! Well 2013 was a wonderful year. So many fun memories and love shared! I'm thankful for my family and all we have! Let's pray 2014 is just as great!!

2014 Book of Mormon

First of all I can not believe it has been a full year since I have posted. Crazy how life zooms on. Well I will try to do an update tomorrow, but I wanted to post on this first. The other night I saw on Instagram that someone made a page dedicated to reading the Book of Mormon once a day for the year. I thought that was so awesome! My kids are getting older and Kelsi can read whole verses by herself. So I really felt inspired to take this on. Wednesday night after a late night dinner, I was finishing up the dishes. Jason, Kelsi and Kyler were all hanging out in our bedroom, talking and goofing around. I got an overwhelming feeling to go grab our scriptures. I grabbed the 3 single copies on our bookshelf and ambushed the family. I explained to them how I think we need to start reading as a family. I got a few wide eyed expressions, but handed out the scriptures anyway. We each took turns reading a few verse. It wasn't perfect. The boys were bored, the baby wouldn't sit still. But it was awesome. We read 3 chapters together. As a family. The next night Jason was back to work so we read another chapter and texted him what we read. He read on his lunch break. And then tonight the same. I have noticed a difference in our home. A softer side of my husband and an enhanced love in our home. I'm so thankful for the scriptures and my family. I truly hope we can keep this up. And I know we will try hard because Kelsi loves to keep us on track!