The Carr Family

Monday, June 4, 2012

Life Update

Wow! I'm a slacker! Let's see if we can recap where I last left off... December: Christmas was wonderful! We again stayed with my parents and had a relaxing Christmas with family, food and lots of fun! And we ofcourse went to Mt. Charleston on Christmas Eve for breakfast. New addition! We found out that we are pregnant again! This will be baby Carr #4 due in July! January: Jordan and Christy got married! They got sealed in St. George, UT. They had a beautiful sealing by Pres. Ence. I love him! He gave them great counsel and it was a beautiful ceramony! The next night was the reception/ring ceramony. February-March: Nothing too exciting that I can remember! April: We took our anual camping trip to Logandale. Nick and Candice came and stayed the night and we took a VERY VERY long trail ride with their baja and Jason's quad. Then we headed over to the fair for a couple hours. MacKenzie and her BF Preston Simper met up with us and we hung out for a while. Then we all headed back to the campground for dinner and smores! It was a fun time! They all left that night. We ended up staying another day and a night and decided to go home sooner than we planned because Jason hurt his back. Ya that was fun. I had to load and unload a lot of stuff by myself. When we got home we got news that he had gotten the job he had applied for before we had left for our trip. So he was really excited. We found out we're having another BOY! Kelsi cried for two days! Poor girl! She desperatly wants a sister! I took her for a milkshake and a trip to Bath and Body Works and let her pick out whatever she wanted. I told her us girls have to stick together in this house of motercycles, tractors and dirt! HAHA! We celebrated Easter with dinner at my grandparent's. May: Jason switched to his new job. Well same job different property. He is in love. He loves the people he works with and the newer property. And he loves actually having people repect him and appreciate the hard work he does. I on the other hand am not so in love. HAHA! His shift and days off have changed, so that has been a little hard to have to adjust. But as long as he is happy I'm happy. Jason and I went to Supercross World Finals. It was a fun night without the kids. My mom took them for the night so it was nice to relax. We met up with some friends who ended up treating us to dinner! I recently started babysitting a couple girls in my ward during the week. So far it has been a great thing for our family. It helps out a friend, keeps my kids entertained and brings in a little extra money to our home. I plan to do this as long as my body will let me! June: So far its only the first week! But my brother Jarred marrid his sweetheart Melissa Musgrove on Saturday! It was a beautiful day and it was lots of fun! I look forward to what else this month brings.


Originally started:Dec. 5, 2011 My husband has a different relationship with his family than I do. His mother had him when she was only 16 years old and he never knew who his father was. Very sad if you ask me. Without going too much into detail, Jason's family has a lot of unreasolved drama. Including the fact that Jason's mother had held a grudge against her father since Jason was born. So he grew up without knowing his father or his grandfather. And out of respect for his family, I have chosen to not divulge the very little facts I know about the situation.

Fast forward to Nov. 2006. Jason and I were planning our wedding. We sent one of his aunts an invitation and somehow she got two. She sent one to Jason's grandpa.

Two years later I decided that I would ask Jason's aunt for Jason's grandfather's address. I figured he had never done anything to me or Jason, so I included a little note to him that said something like: if you'd like to call you're welcome to, and I gave him our phone number. And he did! So Jason and him have developed a relationship over the phone. One day he got a call that his grandfather would be in California visiting his brother(Jason's Great-Uncle). I decided that California is WAY closer than Texas, where his grandpa is from. So I told Jason that I thought we should make a quick trip down and visit him. Well it didn't take much convincing on his part. So he called his grandpa and told him our plans. The next morning we got up early and drove all day to Newport Beach. I found a hotel directly across the street from the beach! It was so awesome! We pulled into town just before it got dark, so we took the kids on the beach for the first time! It was pretty cold, since it was in December mind you, but they still loved playing in the sand and water! Plus, there were girls walking around in booty shorts all over the place! So I figured the weather wasn't that big of a deal! That night Jason took us over to Anehiem for dinner. We went to Angelo's Burgers. Jason had lived in Aneheim for a few years with his mother's ex husband when he was younger and had always gone to eat here. It was, EH...OK..Reminded me of a hamburger version of Robertos! Only the waitresses rolled around on skates to take and deliver our order. The next morning we got up pretty early and had breakfast. We then checked out of our hotel and drove a few towns over to meet up with his family. We drove to his uncle Larry's house. We sat around and visited for a while. And they showed us all their awesome fruit trees! Oh California I love you!! Anyway, after we caught up on the latest with the families, we decided to go to another of Jason's favorite's Me and Ed's Pizza for lunch. It was nice to eat with the family. We took some pics and let the kids play. We decided we had better get on the road since Jason had to be to work the next day. We had a nice drive home and I'm glad we went. It was a nice experience for our little family! And I'm very happy I could get my husband some closure and meet family he had never known about!