The Carr Family

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holy Update!

Where does the time go? Seriously! Well lets see..September 3 my dad turned the big 5-0! We planned a surprise party for him, but he more or less found out and also had planned to be working that night. So we opted for a family party instead. Our friends Jess and Skyler were in town for the weekend since it was Labor Day. We adore them! So do my kids! They are the sweetest and hilarious! They are always a huge help whenever they're in town. We made Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches for dinner. They were so so yummy! My dad's brother Paul and his wife Kris and their kids all came over too! Also my grandma and grandpa Roberts were there as well! Me, Jarred, Jordan, Kenzie, Syler and Jessica all went in on a Disneyland gift card for my dad! That place is like his favorite! It was a fun night!

The next day we had planned on going to Mt. Charleston for a picnic, but we decided to just hang out at home instead. We just watched some movies and relaxed.

The next week the kids started preschool! So exciting! Kelsi goes to a class that is more of a Kindergarten Prep. And Kyler is in more of an introduction to the environment of a classroom. They both love it! Kelsi goes 3 times a week and Kyler the other 2 days.

So we are up early everyday about 7-7:30. UGH. I.AM.NOT.A.MORNING.PERSON. BOO to that! But I have found that my days are much more productive! Anyway, my dad got Kyler that adorable Car's backpack! He's in love as you can see...he never takes it off! So funny!

We were woken up on Kyler's first day of school to a very loud thunderstorm! It was amazing and raining so hard! Keaton loves being outside and this is his favorite spot to be in!

A few nights ago, Jason and I were watching SURVIVOR! Woot Woot! :) Anyway, Kelsi and Kyler were in our room playing/watching a movie. Kyler comes running out doing that gasping for air very hysterical cry! FREAKED ME OUT! I looked over and he was holding his eye, and wiping blood everywhere! I jumped up and immediatly tried to stop the bleeding. Long story short, Kelsi was fishing and Kyler was the fish duh! He was in the ocean (the floor) and she was on her boat (our bed)! And she cast out her line (Jason's belt), and caught her fish (Kyler's eye)! Jason helped me clean it and he put a butterfly bandage on it. We called a friend in our old ward who is a RN. She came over and said that the bandage looked really great and she didn't think it was going to need stitches! I had to keep reminding Jason that this will not be the first injury and to not be so hard on Kelsi. Plus I walked in on the cutest dialogue.

Kelsi: I'm really really sorry for making you blead Kyler.
Kyler: (giving her a hug) Its ok Kelsi, it was an accident. I forgive you.

Melt my heart! I can only hope they are this forgiving when they are older.

Yesterday I went to Costco, and since both Costco's near me are about 10-15 miles away, I usually choose to go to the one closest to my mom. She and Jarred met me there for lunch and helped me pick up the things I needed. We then went back to her house and stayed for the day and even for dinner. Jason was doing a side job right after work, so we got home about the same time that evening. I love my family so much. I'm so thankful how close we are. I don't know what I would do without my mom. She is so good to me!

She decided that she needed to keep Kelsi that night so she took her with her to get her nails done. Super cute! I'm so grateful for her and my dad! They are so good to my kids! My dad surprised the kids with a pumpkin!

They were so excited! Kyler has been walking around with a butter knife ever since asking when we get to cut our pumkin?? So cute!