The Carr Family

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Before anymore time passes, and before I forget, I better post about Chrismas!

Christmas Eve, Jason, the kids and I loaded up all our stuff and met my mom, dad, Kenz, Jarred, Grandma and Papa Roberts and cousin Jesica for breakfast at Blueberry Hill. So yummy! The kids were pretty well behaved. It was a fun time, only complaint, we had to sit in two booths. So we didn't get to talk to everyone at the same time.

After breakfast, we headed to my parent's house. We all had some last minute gift wrapping and the men, had some last minute shopping ofcourse! :) Kenzie and Jessica went to a movie, and Kelsi, Keaton, mom and I went to deliver the goodies she had made to some of her friends. We stayed at Julie Weaver's for a while to visit! I LOVE THAT FAMILY!

Later that night we went to my grandma's house and had chinese for dinner! Nick and Candice came over and we played a funny game, where everyone draws a body part of a reindeer and passes it around the circle. Then at the end you have to name the reindeer and read aloud a sentence about it. It was hilarous! Mom and I stayed back to help clean up dinner and help grandma get papa into bed.

We then headed back to my parents and set up our air mattress. Nick, Candice, Kenz ,Jarred, Jason and myslef all had a fun time seperating the presents. It was unbelievable how many presents add up for over 15 people! (Heavy D!) HAHA!

The next moring was Christmas! I had a long night with the 3 kids, they woke up about 3 times each during the night. So we didn't wake up until around 8 or so. We went downstairs and opened our gifts. Jason got me a few cd's, a new Chi, a couple shirts and a few other things. I got him a new watch, and some clothes. The kids made out! They got fun toys, including Kyler's favorite a remote controlled car! Its so cute! And he loves it. Kelsi got a delux version of Candyland and Keaton got a fun ball popper toy, the Kyler won't leave alone! And their grandparents got them a mini trampoline! Its awesome! It fits right on our patio! I'm very excited to have something I can send them out to do during the day! My parents got us some awesome wall art, a wonderful hot chocolate maker and some cooling racks for my latest baking obsession!

Grandma and Grandpa Roberts, Phylis, Justin, Stacey and the Kids all came over a few hours later. We ate breakfast and opened the gifts from Grandma and Grandpa and they opened our gifts. The kids all played and laughed! I love that my kids have other kids to play with! They love their cousins! Uncle Jordan called from his mission in Seattle. He stayed on the phone for a few hours!

After everyone had left, Kenzie, Keaton and I went to deliver a few more goodies for my mom. We had a fun trip to walgreens! Where I got to get the rest of Jason's stocking stuffers! I had gone to 3 different stores in weeks before to find his gel he uses! And there it was, Christmas day! At Walgreens no less! Pam and Ray came over to visit for a bit. Then Nick and Candice came back and we ate dinner. We played a funny game called "signs", ate dessert and watched dad fall asleep on the couch! HAHA! Then the Weaver's came over and hung out for an hour or so!

The next day was Sunday, we got up early and went to church. It was nice to have a break from our ward and all our responsibilities. We came home from church and had "breakfast". We all took naps and mom helped me do some laundry! We ate dinner, cleaned up and packed up my truck! Can't believe we squeezed everything in! All in all, we had a WONDERFUL Christmas! Minimal drama! Love my family!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The defintition of insanity.......

is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results....

HAHA!! This sums up last night!

We went to Ham Hall at UNLV, for the anual Desert Choral Christmas concert. A little back story, I have gone almost every year with my family since I was a little girl. When Jason and I got married he really enjoyed piggybacking all my families traditions. Including the concert. The first two years were fine. But last year after I spent 3/4 of the show in the hall, Jason said we weren't going the next year. So when my mom emailed me the flyer a week ago, I told her we weren't going this year. The night before, Jason was watching the Christmas Devotional on the BYU channel. He yelled to me,"Elise! When is the Desert Choral concert?" I was pretty shocked, but yelled back," Ummm...tomorrow night! But I told my parents were weren't coming." He said,"Call them back, we're going." I just laughed. So there we were, Monday night, at the concert hall. And you guessed it. I was in the hall for about 7 of the 10 or 11 songs they performed. But this time with two kids... haha! Atleast Jason and Kelsi got to enjoy the music. He needs the uplifting more than I do! :)

It was pretty late by the time we go to our car. Earlier in the day my mom asked if she could pick up Kelsi from school and have her spend the day with them. Fine by me! So we had to wait even longer in the parking lot to get her carseat. And ofcourse, Kelsi waited until the last minute and we were already to the car to say she had to go potty. So Jason took her back in while I sat in the truck with the screaming and tired boys. After my parents drove off and Jason got back to the truck a couple of elderly ladies came up to Jason and were going on and on about how one lady missed her bus and the other sent her husband with memory problems to the parking garage 20 mins ago and he hasn't come back. Mind you the boys are still screaming and I was on the brink of crying, due to myself being tired, and a little ticked I had to miss the concert.

Jason tried to track down a ride for the one lady and off we went up and down the parking garage about 3 times scanning it for the other lady's husband. We finally drove to the top and found a campus police man. We told him what happened and followed him back down to the front of the concert hall. Where the one lady did find her bus, and the other lady was just about to drive off because her husband finally came down. Moral of the story, although I was growing very upset, I'm very thankful that I have a husband who will stop to help someone in need. I'm thankful that was one of the good things he did learn from his step dad.

And the kids did calm down and we actually had a pretty peaceful ride home. Keaton fell asleep and Kelsi and Kyler zoned out watching The Incredibles on the DVD player! Don't know what I would do with out that thing!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

AHHHH...I love this time of the year! So fun! Everyone is so friendly and buzzing with Christmas cheer! I love shopping for gifts and wrapping presents! I definitely get it from my dad! He starts a countdown to Christmas in January. HAHA! We started off December by going to my parent's ward Christmas party. It was so creative! They had you enter through certain doors, and they had tape on the floor to look like a railroad. It led up the stairs and onto the stage where they had a lit train. Then down the stairs to enter the gym where they had a beautiful room set up. White lights and draping all over. Tons of packages wrapped and a big buffet. It was a Polar Express theme. They had a conductor who directed the party. They had everything from hot a chocolate cart, breakfast buffet, to SANTA! And yes I am a loser, because I didn't take a single picture!

It was a rough day. My mom picked the kids and I up around 12. We usually go to lunch, but decided to wait for MacKenzie to get out of school at 1:30. BIG MISTAKE!!! Kyler and Kelsi were so excited to go to Grandma's house! But being in the car so long and having not eaten yet, really put Kyler in hysterics! By the time we got to Kenzie's school Kyler was cry/screaming. And would not stop. No matter what we tried to bribe him with or tried to give him. So you can imaging how bad I felt the next morning when about 3 am or so I was woken up to Kyler throwing up all over me and my bed! This continued every hour or so for the rest of the night. I was so exhausted! I had to be to a stake baptism at 10, so I slept until 9:15. Poor buddy! He was sick for the rest of the day (coming out of both ends)! Kelsi had been sick like this a few days earlier, but I had confined her to her room, so I thought I was safe. Oh well. Jason did a lot to help me that day. Taking over most of the cleaning up and caring for him. So, I was able to do a few errands that day and had a nice time with Kelsi taking her to the baptism and with me to do the errands.

This picture is pre meltdown! In the back of grandma's car.
We had a nice Sunday. Went to church. The kids took a nap and Jason and I watched Eclipse! I made a pot roast and homemade rolls for dinner. I wished we could have gone to my parent's house, but I enjoyed our family day at home.