The Carr Family

Thursday, December 1, 2011


This year we spent Thanksgiving at my grandparents house. It was really nice and low key. Unfortunately Jason had to work for the first time in 5 years but he got off at 3, so it wasn't a big deal.

I made a pumpkin toffee cheesecake, a delicious salad and the ham! All three were so so good! Since Jason had to work I did all this by myself. That morning I loaded the kids up and we went over to my grandmas house a few hours early. We helped set the table and finished preparing the rest of the food.

My parents, MacKenzie and Jarred finally arrived and my mom and I ran over to Redbox to get a couple of movies. We ate around 4, which is pretty late for us. After dinner Jordan and his fiance came over as well as Jarred's girlfriend. We played games and had dessert. The boys and their ladies all left and we hung out and watched a movie. It was a nice night! We had tons of left overs.

As always, I regret that I didn't take many pictures. I was so exhausted from the 3 days of preperations!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Magical Forest

It's that time of year again! Christmas is COMING! YAHOO! My absolute favorite time of year! I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done! I really just need to get my parent's gifts and Jason's stocking stuffers then I'm done! I'm thinking I will wait until this weekend to put up the Christmas stuff.

Last night we had a really fun family night! Jason's boss gave him a comp so we ate dinner at his work in the Mexican restaurant! Then we headed to the annual holiday party for the kids at Opportunity Village.

They look forward to it all year! We get in for free and get unlimited rides on the train and this year they had carnival rides. We always go straight for the train first because its usually a half our wait. It wasn't bad at all this year and was only about 15minutes. The kids love the train!

Then we took them over to the firetruck and it was awesome because the firefighters let the kids climb literally ALL OVER the truck! Boy were they in heaven!

Then Jason bought Kelsi some popcorn and we started to walk over to the other carnival rides. We waited in line for this dragon ride for over an hour....ugh. I had to leave the line twice to take the kids to the bathroom. We finally got up to our turn and all 5 of us got to ride! It was really fun! Its one of those tea cup types where you can spin it to make it go faster. And ya, Jason had us whirling around as fast as it could go! The kids loved it! Little daredevils! HA!

Then we walked over to this two story fun house with a huge slide at the top. The baby and I sat that one out.

We made our way inside to get the kids toy sacks. These things are loaded every year. Kelsi's had a mini cash register drawer loaded with play money and coins. She was over the moon! It also had this little place mat that you could actually color and it had a thing of bubbles and all these cool wands in it. Kyler's had a baseball and a bat, a puzzle, a truck and one of those place mats. Keaton's had a ball, blocks and this inflatable ring toss toy.

After we got the loot.. ;) we headed next door and got them each their huge and delicious gingerbread men/girl! And as if that wasn't enough! We walked over to the carousel for another unreal short line and they got to ride that! It was so cute!

It was such a fun night! And I'm so happy we can do fun stuff together as our little family! We got home after 9, so we were all exhausted! I was sure happy to crawl into my bed!


Last weekend Jason, my sister MacKenzie and I headed to Arizona for the weekend! Our friend was getting married!

Sister Shelley Haws to be exact. Shelley was one of the missionaries who taught Jason the first discussions over four years ago. She has always been such a great friend to us. She has stayed with us a few times and even flew down to come to our sealing. We just love her. She is the sweetest person!

We were so lucky to have our good friends Jessica and Skyler so graciously let us stay with them for the weekend! WE HAD A BLAST!

We dropped the kids off at my mom's house around 10 Friday morning and we were on the road. My parents are THE BEST!!!!!! They watched all three kids and let us take their car so it would be cheaper on fuel! (My truck has a V-8 Hemi and Jason's is a diesel! YA No thanks!)

Anyway after about 5 or 6 hours we finally rolled into Queen Creek,Arizona! Skyler was grilling burgers and giving Jason a tour of his garage. Needless to say! The burgers were burnt! So we all piled in Jessica's truck and headed a couple towns over to Five Guy's Burgers! Jason and I felt like teenagers again! We sang and danced around in the truck and it was a serious comedy hour there and back!

It was Jessica's birthday the day before, so after dinner we headed to their house and then over to her friend's house for a yummy birthday cake! Her friend was so cute and equally hilarious to Jessica!

The next morning Jason and I got up and got ready to head to the Mesa Temple. That temple is AMAZING! If you're ever in Mesa and you're and endowed member, I highly recommend you go do a session. The sealing was so beautiful! And the sealer was hilarious! And he knew Shelley's family so it was so nice to hear all the beautiful personal touches he put in.

We didn't eat breakfast and still had a couple hours until the luncheon we were invited to. So we did a little driving around. We found a mall and a bunch of restaurants. We decided to share a breakfast at Mimi's. OMG I love that place we shared and omelet and crepes and of course their famous honey bran muffins! DELISH!

We decided we better do some walking if we were supposed to be at lunch soon. So we went over to they mall to look for a gift for the kids. We went right into Macy's and found Kyler an awesome T-Rex shirt and Kelsi a princess shirt and a dress for Christmas! All on the clearance rack! Plus when I got up to the register the cashier scanned a 15% off card! Sweet! I can handle 12 bucks! HAHA! We walked around Macy's for about an hour, and looked at all the beautiful home stuff! And since Jason and I both love to cook, we drooled over all the KitchenAide attachments!

We finally headed down the street to the Olive Garden for the luncheon. It was really strange to walk into a family party where you don't know anyone. Shelley's brother in law invited us to sit at his table. He started talking to us rather quickly and assumed we were apart of the groom's family. It was fun listening to Jason tell his conversion story and how special Shelley is to us. And boy did Jason find a life long friend. These two talked the entire luncheon! :)

After lunch (which we obviously had LOTS of leftovers) we headed back to Skyler and Jessica's. They had taken Kenzie to 2 of their malls. I guess Arizona is known for having a ton of them. We watched the last Harry Potter and Jason got a nap! Then it was time to get back on the road and head to the reception.

It was so cute. I guess their first date was at Cafe Rio, so that's what they served! YUM! I was pretty tired and we had planned to meet up with my sis and the rest of the gang to go to Cold Stone. And I almost had Jason out the door when he ran into Shelley's brother in law again. OMG Literally another hour of them gabbing and exchanging phone numbers, we finally left. -Honestly that it something I really admire about Jason. He makes friends so easily, and is so likable! I don't know why, but as I get older, I feel awkwardly shy....I digress. Oh and these adorable girls were some of the little flower girls..they were so cute and followed Jason and I around the chapel when we were walking around. They were adorable and insisted on showing me where the bathrooms was! Made me miss my babies!

So we got back to the house and piled up in in the truck again. Good thing Skyler drives FAST!! Because we got there just in time before they closed. Boy was Kenzie happy!

The girls and Jessica's brother Jared who lives with them, stayed up and watched a disappointing SNL. We all went to bed.

The next morning was early church! We just went to sacrament and Skyler and Jessica made us a delicious breakfast before we were on the road!

I had such a great time! Great company, so many laughable moments and just a fun fun weekend! I'm so thankful that I have such a great family that I can depend on! And great friends who welcome us with open arms into their ADORABLE home! I'm also so grateful that I got to spend time with my sister! She and I stayed up a few nights in a row and gabbed and hung out. It was so nice since its such a rarity that that happens with our busy lives!

This cute pic is us and Carl! Jessica's "friend" who she takes everywhere and takes super funny and cute pics of it! :) Kenzie and I thought it would be fun to document another funny milestone in Carl's life! :)

We drove home and picked up our kids! We were mutually excited to see each other! And it was nice to be home! But I really wish we were back in Queen Creek! :)

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Miles! Thank you for the best excuse for me to go to Arizona for my first time!

Oh church!

Boy are Sunday's crazy! Especially this last one. Sacrament feels like the longest of the 3 hours. I try my hardest to bring snacks, crayons, coloring sheets, small toys and books. I usually have to get up at least twice to take out a crying kid, or someone needing a potty break. Back to Sunday, we had made through the actual sacrament and two of the three talks. The high councilmen (our old bishop) was up speaking, when the couple's toddler in front of us, crawled under our bench. I just instinctively picked her up and sat her with my kids. Her parents didn't even really to have her come back to them, so I just figured I would let her play with our toys and crayons. She sat with us for a while. The next thing I know Keaton is making his way down our row, then up the isle, then up on the stand. Like that wasn't mortifying enough, Kyler AND Kelsi chased after him!!! I was so embarrassed!! I made Jason go get him and he took him out in the hall. I quickly passed the little girl back to her parents.

After Sacrament was finally over with we just sat on the bench exhausted from the hour. Already feeling like a loser mom, I was really nervous when I saw a brother from our ward coming our way. He sat behind us and told us how grateful he was that our kids ran up on the stand. He said it made him so happy because all his kids were grown and it brought back a stream of good memories. He then went on to tell us not to feel bad or stress because we're going to miss those moments.

That really hit home because I have been having that exact thought a lot lately! Every time I get mad, every time they make a mess, every time they embarrass me at the store or in a restaurant , at the end of the day I know they are growing up so fast! I just love my little monkeys SO MUCH! I know there will come a day where I will look back and wish that my problems were that minimal.

This Sunday was also Keaton's first Sunday in Nursery. We've been counting this day down for a while now. I'm in the primary presidency and Jason is in the EQ presidency. So there ate a lot of Sundays where we are both conducting or teaching, So we were constantly having to juggle this constant nonstop ball of energy! From what I heard, he did ok. I'm glad his big brother is in there with him- until January that is. They said during singing time Keaton sat on Kyler lap the whole time. So precious! I was so happy to hear that because we told Kyler he needed to protect his brother.

Jason had an unexpected meeting after church so we had to wait an extra 20 minutes in the car! Proved my point that we need to drive separate! Jason still disagrees! HA! On the ride home from church I was telling Jason about how the nursery leader said Keaton had a rough time and it will take a little time for him to get used to going. (Um ya I know how it works..this is kid number 3! HAHA!) And Jason confessed that he had gone in to check on him and that's when he started to cry! So sad! And funny at the same time! Jason totally missed his little buddy! Still! Bad bad Jason!

After church we ate a quick lunch and I headed out to go visiting teaching. I love going! I love the ladies I visit and my companion! It's really hard to keep our visits short because we've really become friends and I look forward to our adult conversations. Even if they always lead to child birth and our kids diets! HAHA!

After I got home I totally got a wild hair and went in my kids room, in de-junk mode! The had a ridiculous amount if toys! Many that go untouched and just get in the way. We've been telling the kids that they most likely will not be getting any toys for Christmas because they don't even play with the ones they have. Ya mean mom! I'm sure they'll still get a couple. Anyway, 3 huge, very full trash bags filled with toys now sit in the back of my Durango! And out of their room! sigh of relief! I still have a ton of organizing to do but I will be very happy to drop off those toys to the DI, just in time for Christmas. We are so blessed and I am happy to help this in need by donating our unused toys! :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Before I even get to Halloween let me tell of what happend the weekend prior.

So Friday night we ate dinner, showered the kids, PJ's were on, teeth brushed and the older kids were in bed. Jason and I were sitting on separate couches watching TV, and Keaton was on my lap just hanging out. All of a sudden I am COVERED in throw up! Jason jumped up in a panic and grabbed a towel. Keaton threw up two more times after that. I knew then and there we were in for a very long night! I peeled my clothes off and the baby's and we immediately got in the shower. Jason went outside and was hosing off the couch cushions, pillows, towels and our clothes. Just as I predicted the baby and I were up every hour at least twice throwing up all the way until 6:30 am. I was sure glad it was Saturday and I didn't have to do the preschool getting ready rush!

The rest of the day he was back to pretty much his normal self. Even eating lunch. So that night we decided to go to the trunk or treat at our church. Jason and the rest of the EQ presidency were in charge so he came home from work, showered and got dressed and was out the door. My parents went to the temple that night so my sister MacKenzie came over and came with me to the church. I was so glad she was there to help out with the kids since Jason was busy with the party. They served pot luck chili and cornbread. Ya, I despise pot lucks! Haha! I know I'm a brat but it really freaks me out. Plus its weird for me to look around and see so many strangers that show up for the food and candy! Anyway, the kids wouldn't eat anything and were growing impatient that they had to sit around for so long. So we took the kids outside to play some games. A little while later people started coming outside to start the trunk or treat. Kelsi cracked me up by telling me her favorite part was getting to tell the kids that we ran out of candy! Haha! And Kyler got an extra handful from a brother in my ward because he was apparently the first one to say Thank You!

After we went home I had to make everyone food! Then I put the kids to bed. I was on the couch folding laundry and catching up on my DVR, when I hear Kyler crying. I stayed put for a minute to let him kind of cry it out until I heard the horrible sound of him throwing up! Boy did I run fast!! He had gotten in Kelsi's bed and was throwing up in her bed. I first grabbed her and put her in his bed. Lucky girl had missed being puked on by a mere inch or two! I cleaned him up and stripped the bed and brought him out to the living room. He threw up again and it woke up Keaton. They were both crying at that point, and I hear Kelsi come in and tell me she just threw up. So I woke up Jason and he took the baby. Kelsi and Kyler kept me up ALL night long.

About 6 am, Jason woke up and he took over taking care of the kids so I could try to sleep. He let me sleep for about 2 hours before he came in and said he was now throwing up and needed me to come in and help him with the kids! He slept most of the day and got sick a bunch of times. Around 5 i couldnt take it any more and had to sleep! The baby and I got a 3 hour nap. I got up and made everyone dinner, that no one really ate, and then it was bedtime for the kids! Longest 2 days ever!

So the next day was Halloween and everyone was back to normal. We just hung out during the day and tried to clean the house and put everything back together. Its amazing how your house gets destroyed when everyone is home and sick! Anyway, that night we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house and had dinner and took the kids trick or treating! It was really fun!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby!

You’re 40!! Holy cow! I hope you have a great day!
I love you babe! More than you’ll ever know! In fact:

40 Reasons why I LOVE Jason A. Carr!

1. You love me.
2. You love me the way I am.
3. You are THE BEST father!
4. You gave me 3 beautiful children!
5. Kelsi loves cottage cheese!
6. Kelsi loves spaghetti!
7. Our kids will know how to check and change their oil on their vehicles! 
8. You teach me something new every day!
9. You let me cry on you even if I get makeup on your shirt!
10. You take me to Café Rio!
11. You work your butt off for us!
12. You take me shopping!
13. You rub my back-when you’re awake enough to do so!
14. You hold my hand in the car!
15. You change poopy diapers!
16. You give me a girl’s night out every now and then!
17. You keep me warm at night!
18. You create awesome memories for our family!
19. You love U-Swirl! WOOT!
20. You always smell like salad dressing!
21. You make me laugh!
22. You can make me SOOO happy and make me SOOO mad in the same moment!
23. You maintenance my car!
24. You help me around the house when I’ve had a bad/hard day.
25. Keaton about has a heart attack when he hears your truck!
26. You protect me and our children with your own life.
27. You make me feel safe.
28. You make me feel hot and sexy!
29. You make me laugh and get my humor!
30. You send me funny texts!
31. You call me when you’re on the pooper at work!
32. You FaceTime’d me on the pooper in the hotel! HAHAHAHAH! Hilarious!
33. You can cook and clean better than anyone I know!
34. You make me blush!
35. You’re SOOOO Smart!
36. You taught me to love SUSHI!
37. You help my family.
38. You are a worthy priesthood holder.
39. You give service to someone everyday!
40. You’re all mine for all eternity!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yes! Today is the day-I've been dreading for weeks! I don't know why, but this birthday makes me feel old-er! I think it's the fact that now being 27, it's closer to 30 than 20! Scary! :)

Anyway, so you know those people who always have or talk about a Birthday Week? Ya I've always thought those people were dumb! But this past week, yup, I was one! Ha! About a month ago I decided that Jason and I deserved a trip. ALONE!! So I planned a surprise trip. I called my mom and she quickly agreed to watch all 3 kids for two nights! I then called and got us a hotel room then ordered us two tickets to Tuachan in St. George!

So we were driving around town a couple weeks ago and Jason says,"So, I have a surprise for you." all I could do was laugh as he started telling me about how he wants to take me to Disneyland and he needed me to get the hotel room. So then I had to tell him I had a surprise too! I was all for giving our tickets away, but Jason was so excited about going to Tuachan since he'd never been. I felt really good about planning something he could be excited about.

So we dropped off the kids and I was so happy because there was minimal crying!! Our house was SO quiet! We couldn't get used to it! The next day we got up to pack and Jason had to run some errands. But it was nice to be able clean the house without any interruptions! We were finally ready to leave. We stopped and ate some tacos because we didn't eat breakfast (amazing you forget to eat when your kids aren't around!) And because it was going to be about 5 hours until our dinner reservations.

We made it up to St. George under 2 hours! There was really lite traffic. It was so nice! We checked in and Jason took a nap! Then we Skyped with the kids and got ready for dinner.

My parents gave Jason a gift certificate to a place in St. George called Anasazi Steakhouse. It's kind of like The Melting Pot. We ordered a cheese fondue to start. It was delicious! Then we shared a steak that you cut yourself and cook up on this stone they bring out that's over 700 degrees and it came with this amazing avocado salad! Then we had a little time before the play so we shared the chocolate Carmel fondue! O M GOSH! SO GOOD!! I always hear about people and their "food coma's", now I understand! HAHA!

We made it just in time to valet and then for the play. We saw The Little Mermaid. I was a little worried Jason would think it was dorky, being a Disney thing for little kids. But oh man! It was SO GOOD! You are seriously mesmerized the whole time at all the special effects and details that have gone into the beautiful production! They ask you to not take pics, so this is why I have none. After the play we headed to the grocery store for some waters and somebody needed gas-x! Cough cough! **the hubby**

The next morning we went downstairs for breakfast at our hotel. Gotta love Utah's continental breakfast! :) We decided to do some site seeing. We went to the Brigham Young Summer home and the Tabernacle. SO BEAUTIFUL! I love hearing more about our church's history and how Latter Day Saint's have been an influence on our country. It was really neat to see Jason learn more too. After that we shopped around for a bit to bring the kids home a treat and then we ate at The Pizza Factory for lunch. Their pizza/salad bar is THE BOMB!

We drove straight to my parent's house to pick up the very excited to see us kids! My parents are THE BEST! They had dinner ready for us and had all the kids' clothes washed! I love them so much! Also my sister Kenz and brother Jarred! They were a big help as well! We especially enjoyed getting little videos of the kids from Kenzie occasionally. We did watch them over and over! Ya, seeing a kid play makes you miss your kids!

All in all, it was a great little get away! And much needed adult time!

Back to today. My day started off normal. Get up, get everyone fed and dressed. Until I ran to take a quick shower, to walk in to my sloshy carpet! One of the kids forgot to put the handle up in my bathroom and it flooded! UGH!!!!!! Such a pain! 2nd time this has happened! So I cleaned up as fast and as best as I could, and jumped in the shower. I got ready in seriously 20 minutes and then took Kelsi to school. Kyler decided that we should make cupcakes for my birthday. So we were mixing everything together and he was putting the papers in the pan when we heard a knock at the door! It was my mom! She and my dad made me a bday cake!

She dropped it off before heading to the temple! So we took the cupcakes to my friend who happens to have the same bday as me, and is also Kelsi and Kyler's preschool teacher!

Later that day my mom took us to lunch and we went to the park and let the kids run around! My VT's stopped by and gave me a card and a little gift. Then Jason got home and took us to Cafe Rio! Now everyone is asleep and I'm thinking of joining them since its become a sad tradition on Saturdays that everyone has forgotten how to sleep in! HAHA!

Oh well! Happy Birthday to me! And thank you for all the phone calls, texts and messages on Facebook! Its been a great day/week!

***My Skype pic cracks me up..we were on my iphone and the kids were on my dad's ipad2. They were making us all nauseous because they wouldn't stop shaking it!

***The pic of us at Tuacahn also makes me laugh becuase there was an old lady sitting behind Jason. He's well over 6 ft tall so the one time he leaned over to kiss my head and snuggle up during the show, she tapped him and rudely told him she couldn't see!! We just kind of looked at her and laughed like teenagers! HAHA!

***My cake, before and after a day of sitting on the counter in reach of Kyler! HAHA!! LOVE that boy!

***And one last brag about why I love my parents, not only do they take such great care of my kids, but also Jason and me! My mom picked out a beautiful comforter set that I LOVE for my bday! Its so so so comfy! And not too girly! So Jason is happy!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kyler Got A Haircut!!!

A few days ago Kyler came up to me when I was going to the bathroom! He was holding scissors and asking me what they were for. I told him to go put them back right now! I went to look for him and he of course cut a big ol chunk from the front of his hair! I was so mad at him but more myself for not taking them from him! So he got a very long time out in his room. After his time out I tried to see if the damage was anywhere repairable. I combed it and put a little hairspray in it and didn't really think it was that big of a deal. In fact, I had even forgot to mention it to Jason.

So the next day was Saturday and my parents asked me to drive my sister to the airport. They were all in Salt Lake for General Conference. She had a football game she had to cheer at that morning. So I asked my grandma if she could watch the kids because I escorted Kenz to her gate. Anyway, my grandma tried to fix Kyler's hair and Jason came to her house after work and decided that his hair just needed to go. So after I was done at the airport I stopped to pick up a pizza. I got a text of this picture:

It literally took my breath away. I think even a little swear word came out! I was seriously shocked. He looks like a totally different kid! Jason likes it and what really matters is Kyler loves it.

He's constantly rubbing his new hair and he thinks it looks pretty cool! I on the other hand I am having a rough time with it. I don't like it at all. He looks so big! But he looks cute either way! And I am just hoping it grows back by the time we take Christmas pictures!

Other than that, like I said, it was General Conference weekend. My favorite time of the year! You get to watch church in your pj's! The best! It was a really relaxed day and we even got a couple projects done! I'm glad my family got to go up to conference, and am jealous that we couldn't be there! And I can not believe it is OCTOBER! Seriously! Where does the time go? This is always a crazy month for me! My birthday, Jason's birthday,and my sister's birthday! So exciting! Can't wait for the celebrating to begin! And I can't forget Halloween! I love it! The kids already have their costumes! And between preschool, Jason's work party, my parents, Jason's family and church parties, I feel like we really get our money's worth! Can't wait!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holy Update!

Where does the time go? Seriously! Well lets see..September 3 my dad turned the big 5-0! We planned a surprise party for him, but he more or less found out and also had planned to be working that night. So we opted for a family party instead. Our friends Jess and Skyler were in town for the weekend since it was Labor Day. We adore them! So do my kids! They are the sweetest and hilarious! They are always a huge help whenever they're in town. We made Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches for dinner. They were so so yummy! My dad's brother Paul and his wife Kris and their kids all came over too! Also my grandma and grandpa Roberts were there as well! Me, Jarred, Jordan, Kenzie, Syler and Jessica all went in on a Disneyland gift card for my dad! That place is like his favorite! It was a fun night!

The next day we had planned on going to Mt. Charleston for a picnic, but we decided to just hang out at home instead. We just watched some movies and relaxed.

The next week the kids started preschool! So exciting! Kelsi goes to a class that is more of a Kindergarten Prep. And Kyler is in more of an introduction to the environment of a classroom. They both love it! Kelsi goes 3 times a week and Kyler the other 2 days.

So we are up early everyday about 7-7:30. UGH. I.AM.NOT.A.MORNING.PERSON. BOO to that! But I have found that my days are much more productive! Anyway, my dad got Kyler that adorable Car's backpack! He's in love as you can see...he never takes it off! So funny!

We were woken up on Kyler's first day of school to a very loud thunderstorm! It was amazing and raining so hard! Keaton loves being outside and this is his favorite spot to be in!

A few nights ago, Jason and I were watching SURVIVOR! Woot Woot! :) Anyway, Kelsi and Kyler were in our room playing/watching a movie. Kyler comes running out doing that gasping for air very hysterical cry! FREAKED ME OUT! I looked over and he was holding his eye, and wiping blood everywhere! I jumped up and immediatly tried to stop the bleeding. Long story short, Kelsi was fishing and Kyler was the fish duh! He was in the ocean (the floor) and she was on her boat (our bed)! And she cast out her line (Jason's belt), and caught her fish (Kyler's eye)! Jason helped me clean it and he put a butterfly bandage on it. We called a friend in our old ward who is a RN. She came over and said that the bandage looked really great and she didn't think it was going to need stitches! I had to keep reminding Jason that this will not be the first injury and to not be so hard on Kelsi. Plus I walked in on the cutest dialogue.

Kelsi: I'm really really sorry for making you blead Kyler.
Kyler: (giving her a hug) Its ok Kelsi, it was an accident. I forgive you.

Melt my heart! I can only hope they are this forgiving when they are older.

Yesterday I went to Costco, and since both Costco's near me are about 10-15 miles away, I usually choose to go to the one closest to my mom. She and Jarred met me there for lunch and helped me pick up the things I needed. We then went back to her house and stayed for the day and even for dinner. Jason was doing a side job right after work, so we got home about the same time that evening. I love my family so much. I'm so thankful how close we are. I don't know what I would do without my mom. She is so good to me!

She decided that she needed to keep Kelsi that night so she took her with her to get her nails done. Super cute! I'm so grateful for her and my dad! They are so good to my kids! My dad surprised the kids with a pumpkin!

They were so excited! Kyler has been walking around with a butter knife ever since asking when we get to cut our pumkin?? So cute!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Movie Night!

So, I read The Help a month or so ago. And I loved it! I really couldn't put it down! It was so good! Very emotional and yet lots of funny parts! The book got made into a movie! So my mom organized a girls night. The movie was so good! I had a blast! And even luckier for me, Jason's work hosted another family movie night. So the kids got to go watch Rio and eat as much pizza, nachos and popcorn as they liked! During the movie I texted Jason to check on my babies. He said that they were very good, he even took them to get frozen yogurt! Love you babe!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keaton is 15 Months Today!!

Oh how we love this boy! You are so happy all the time! (I think I say that in every post!) You love to be outside! You love to play with your brother and sister! Nothing is safe anymore! You climb and can get anything that is left out! You recently have started feeding yourself cereal in the morning! With a spoon and everything! You love your daddy! We love you so much!!