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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to work...Back to reality...

In my last post I mentioned my dad got a job! So, he decided we needed to celebrate. Just he and I...He took me to DISNEYLAND and CA ADVENTURE! :) I had a BLAST!! :) It was the LONGEST day ever!! The kids and I spent the night at my parent's house Sunday Aug. 15. Then he and I woke up at 4 to get ready to leave. As I got up to nurse the baby, Kyler and Kelsi both woke up crying. They cried for a good while. Kenzie woke up and took Kelsi back to bed with her. I nursed Keaton again, then he passed out in the swing again. I felt so bad, I left Kyler still crying. But my mom texted me 10 mins later saying He had totally calmed down. Then about an hour later she said he was asleep and she was going to sleep too...the only one I was really worried about was Keaton. I had been pumping and freezing my milk every night when Keaton went to bed for the past few weeks. (My dad called as soon as he got the job offer and told me to prepare) Thankfully, Keaton ended up taking the bottle just fine! Love that baby boy!

Anyway, so dad and I were up at 4 and left at 5, and drove straight to Disneyland. We rode Space Mtn first. And then Pirates of the Carribian. Then Dad got reservations at the Blue Bayou for lunch. We ate the famous Monte Cristo sandwich. It was delicious and huge! We were both wishing we had just shared since neither of us could even finish! :) Then we went over to ride the Indiana Jones ride and then the Big Thunder Railroad. Next we headed over to California Adventure. We first rode Tower of Terror. My dad kept saying how shocked he was that there was no line. It was soooooo fun!!! Then we went over and rode Soarin' over CA...I LOVED this ride! So amazing you smell what's on the screen! :) Then we went to ride the big rollercoaster California Screamin! So fun! 60 mph! Then we waited in the longest line of the day Toy Story Mania! It was awesome! 3D Arcade got to shoot at stuff and rack up points. I kicked my dad's butt!! :) But he will point out, he had better accuracy! HAHA! We headed back to Disneyland and watched a parade. We grabbed an ice cream and decided to go and check in to our hotel. (about 5 pm at this point)It was a Marriot. It was so nice! :) We literally went to the bathroom, set down our bags, and filled my water bottle and were in the car and back at Disneyland! Since my dad is a smartie pants, everytime we rode a ride, he would fast pass our favorite ones. So when we got back, we ate a corndog...then went and rode all our favorites again! We watched the firworks and then went back to CA Adventure and watched the water show. Then we walked back to Disney, bought our souveniers and rode the Haunted Mansion. :)

Theme of the day? WALKING! Haha! Th next morning I could barely move! My feet, shins, calves, and butt were so sore! My dad is so tall..most of the day I would keep up with him. But every now and then he would get ahead of me. But I liked it. I was totally along for the ride. I had a great time! I love my dad so much! He's so good to me and really makes me feel special. I think we were ready to go home, because we were both up and showered before 9! HAHA! I really enjoyed the break from all my responsibilities, but Disney really made me miss my kids. I kept thinking how much Kelsi would love all the characters and princesses. Maybe in a few years. But next year, Jason and I are taking a trip for sure! Just the two of us!!!!!

Back to reality:

We drove home Tuesday Aug 17...KEATON IS 3 MONTHES OLD!! :) We got home around 3. My mom and I had the kids packed up and in my truck by 4:30...I found out on the ride home I had a Primary Presidency meeting this night at I stopped at Cafe Rio to get dinner... came home to a messy smelly house, ate and Jason droppped Keaton and I off at the church. When I got home from my meeting, I folded some laundry and fell asleep on the couch with Kyler. The next day, Kyler had woken up with a cold...and was a total whiner all day. I had to go to the bank, the laundrymat, and the grocery store. After work, Jason had to empty 3 dumpsters, come home, change, eat and then was out to an EQ meeting until well after 9...I was feeling completely overwhelmed. The house was still a wreck, and I was exhausted. I just found myself upset. I decided I could let this feeling over take me, or I could just take one thing at a time. I decided to say a prayer and read my scriptures. I felt totally comforted. I know if I continue to do things that are pleasing to our Heavenly Father, he will bless us. I am so blessed. I'm so thankful for my family. And a little Mickey Mouse doesn't hurt either! ;)

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