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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Latest and Greatest!

Tonight was day 2 of having my kids be on a bedtime routine! I know, I know. Kelsi is 3....yes I'm a terrible mom. Jason and I would always go back and forth about bed time and dinner time for that matter. I just kind of took to easy road and let them be on my night owl schedule. And as of last night I put an end to that. I love staying up late, and sleeping in. And until yesterday, I had to enjoy quiet time around 11:30. But having Keaton really made me think I need to change. He is such a good boy. Always goes to bed (IN HIS BED) around 9 and sleeps until around 4. (Still nursing) And some credit has to go to my mom. She is always saying how better balanced they will be if they get on good bed time routine. So here ya go mom! :) We brushed teeth, said prayers (my favorite part!), read about 7 books and sang songs. Finally about 9:20 they were asleep. I really am suprised at how good I feel about myself. I really hope I keep this up. And I think when you make goals, telling lots of people about it will help make sure you stick to it!

Another note! I love this time of year! School is starting, its supposed to start cooling off, and the holidays are around the corner! This year will be extra fun because this Monday, my brother Jarred will be coming home from his mission. He has been serving in Mexico for the past two years. I'm so excited to see him! It will be so great having him home! I'm so excited my kids will get to have another great uncle in their lives. Jarred is the best teddy bear around! :)

Better go and enjoy my quiet time. I'm going to watch a movie I borrowed from my friend! Jason's already asleep... :( That will hopefully be another perk to this bedtime thing. He and I will get to hang out alone for an hour or two between all our meetings and work! Hopefully that will be an added encouragement!

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  1. Schedules are the best! I finally put Kamrbee on a bedtime schedule, it's amazing! It's so great being able to wind down at night while she is in bed! Good luck!