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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Boy oh boy!! No, I'm not pregnant! But let me just tell you! There has been some MAJOR(to us) changes in The Carr Household! YAY!

First and formost; WE FINISHED THE TILE IN OUR KITCHEN AND HALLWAY!!! Let me tell you people! This has been 5 years in the making! Jason promised me it would be done before Kelsi was born. 3 kids later + 2 full time jobs = 1 unfinished house! I can not tell you how much of a difference it makes in our little house! It really looks beautiful! And everything is starting to come together!

Next comes painting, and baseboards! And tonight we made a stop a Lowe's and picked up the vinyl flooring we need to finish Jason's bathroom!!!! YAY!! And Jason even let me pick out the new refrigerator and stove/oven I want! We didn't buy those yet, but I have a feeling we will be back very soon after I do a few price comparisons!! Can't wait!!

Second, KYLER IS POTTY TRAINED! Fully! It is AMAZING! I told you last week HE decided on his birthday that he was done with diapers. And we are so proud of him for sticking with it! An accident here and there, but he has not wet the bed once! And funny story..since I'm the one who trained him, I just take his pants off and plop him on the toilet! NO MESS NO HASSEL RIGHT? HAHA! Saturday I went to work a wedding for my dad, so Jason had the kids all night. Sunday morning, I was getting everyone ready for church and I told Kyler to go potty before we left. I walked in on him peeing standing up, SHOCK 1! Then when he was done he pulled off a TINY peice of toilet paper and wiped off the seat! SHOCK 2! Haha! He said Daddy showed him! So awesome! And so nice only having 1 kid in diapers!

Third, Keaton is no longer on the boob! I'm trying to be excited about this one. Don't get me wrong. Its nice that he is sleeping solid, and its nice to not have to nurse him to go to sleep. But can I just say....I AM IN SOME SERIOUS PAIN!! :( I've read tons of parenting websites, and so far I haven't come accross anything helpful.. So I'm currently on day 7 of engorgement! And this sucks! Its hard to snuggle my babies or even bend over! But its just one of those things that I have to remember, won't last forever! Lord I hope so!

I'm thankful things are coming together. Its so nice getting things done that you have been stressing over or putting too much precious energy into! Jason's truck is in the shop, so we're all waking up early to drop him off at work and spend the day with Kenzie by the pool! Oh the Vegas Life! :) Night!

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