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Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Kyler!!

Happy Birthday Buddy! You turned 3 today!! We love you so much! You are a blessing to our family! You are growing up so fast!! You are still a mama's boy! And suprised us all by having a grandma sleepover last week for 2 nights in a row with Grandma Ronda! You are talking and talking! You love your family!

Today was a busy day! You were sick over the weekend, so I was really happy when you woke up without a fever and ready to go birthday shopping! You have grown out of your shoes so fast and told mommy that you wanted to go buy new shoes today! You also decided when you woke up that you didn't want to wear diapers!

We went to two different stores and finally found some tennis shoes and church shoes you liked! After that we took you to lunch and then went to pick up your cake and ice cream! We went home and cleaned the house and I wrapped your presents. Then we met Grandma Ronda, Grandpa David, Kenzie and Caden at Chuck E. Cheeses! You played lots of games!

We headed home and Uncle Jordan and Christy, Grandma and Grandpa Great, and Grandma and Grandpa Ryan all came over for cake, ice cream and presents!

You were sitting with Papa David at the table..
Papa: Kyler, are you going to eat the tractors?
Kyler: HAHA! No Papa! You don't eat the 'fractors'! You eat the 'take'!

You sure are loved! Mom and dad got you some dinosaurs and a train set, a Max and Ruby DVD, some PJ's, shoes and your helmet and pads to use on your scooter! Grandma and Grandpa Ryan got you some cool monster trucks! Jordan and Christy got you a dinosaur monster truck!

And your other grandma's made you the most awesome gift ever!! Your super hero cape!! I love it so much! I've been eye balling it online for monthes now! I was going to order one, but then decided I would try to make it... but thankfully, my mom and grandma made it instead! I turned out AMAZING!!!!! Its two sided! One side had Superman on it and the other is SUPER K!! I love it!

It was a great day! We love you so much! Enjoy being 3!!

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