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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quick Trip

Yesterday, Kolton and I drove up with my mom and Kenzie to take her back to school. She had been in town for the long weekend. She had a class that she needed to be back for, so I decided she needed to go look for wedding dresses since we were taking her back! I called last week and got her an apt with two different shops. Literally everything she tried on looked amazing on her. She is so beautiful!

Mom and I went to lunch while Kenzie was in class. Then we went back to her apartment and waited until she got out of class. We chatted with her roommates for a while.

We went to two different shops and she found two dresses she absolutely loved. She ended up putting a deposit down on one! I'm so excited for her!

And my husband is amazing. He did the pick up drop off for school and even watched the two girls I babysit. Since we went to dinner at the Pizza Factory, as a thank you I bought him home his own favorite pizza from there!

***Neither of these are the ones she chose, just to give you an idea of how beautiful she is going to look!***

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