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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Today we took the kids up to Mt. Charleston. We left he house around noon and got up to the mountains pretty quickly. It was so beautiful and nice and cool. We drove around for a while to try and find a secluded area to eat. Surprisingly, it was super packed with people everywhere we stopped. We found a spot and hiked down a little hill and set up our picnic. We ate and the kids ran and played for hours. They played hide and seek and soccer and picked up rocks and huge tree branches that had fallen. They got so dirty, but were in heaven.

After being there sitting on the hard ground for hours I was done. So we packed up and decided to drive around again. We started talking and I told Jason I had never been to Lee Canyon. So we drove up. It was open and they were offering ski lift rides. The kids were all free so that was cool. Jason rode with Keaton and Kyler. I had the baby in a little carrier on me, so he and Kelsi rode with me. I am not afraid of heights, but now I think I am. Even now when I think of it my feet totally tingle!!! It was unbelievable high up and no seat belts. And I felt like I needed to hang on to the side but also needed to hold on to Kelsi and the baby. But ya, not enough hands!

I was so happy to finally get back on the ground safely. It really was such a beautiful view, so I tried my hardest to at least take that in.

It was a perfect family day and we didn't get home until after 7 that evening. We were in bed way early! I love making memories!

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