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Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Book of Mormon

First of all I can not believe it has been a full year since I have posted. Crazy how life zooms on. Well I will try to do an update tomorrow, but I wanted to post on this first. The other night I saw on Instagram that someone made a page dedicated to reading the Book of Mormon once a day for the year. I thought that was so awesome! My kids are getting older and Kelsi can read whole verses by herself. So I really felt inspired to take this on. Wednesday night after a late night dinner, I was finishing up the dishes. Jason, Kelsi and Kyler were all hanging out in our bedroom, talking and goofing around. I got an overwhelming feeling to go grab our scriptures. I grabbed the 3 single copies on our bookshelf and ambushed the family. I explained to them how I think we need to start reading as a family. I got a few wide eyed expressions, but handed out the scriptures anyway. We each took turns reading a few verse. It wasn't perfect. The boys were bored, the baby wouldn't sit still. But it was awesome. We read 3 chapters together. As a family. The next night Jason was back to work so we read another chapter and texted him what we read. He read on his lunch break. And then tonight the same. I have noticed a difference in our home. A softer side of my husband and an enhanced love in our home. I'm so thankful for the scriptures and my family. I truly hope we can keep this up. And I know we will try hard because Kelsi loves to keep us on track!

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