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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sorry Honey!

Jason turned 39 yesterday! :) Poor guy! Not because he's 39, but he had the LONGEST day! He had to wake up extra early to drop a dumpster, then he had to run around all afternoon. I make it a point not to ride along with him on these drops anymore, what with the 3 kids. But I decided since it was his birthday, I would suck it up and we'd ride with him. We didn't do anything special. I came home and made pizza. And he went to bed shortly after that.
I feel bad. But we're so strapped lately since business has been so slow. So we did kind of a little date night last week for our birthdays. And we did have that family party last week too. Oh well. Sorry babe! I love you! Things will get better!
Tonight we went to Jason's work. They had a Halloween party for the team member's families. It was actually a blast. I love dressing up the kids! Its been so fun this week! They had tons of games and we got lots of cute Halloween decorations to take home. They had a buffet of finger foods set up and one of the manager's was dressed up like a pirate. He kept walking around asking for "booty"! :) The guy is super annoying and kind of gross, so I laughed extra at this.
After that, we went to Jason's grandma's house to visit her and to show her the kid's costumes. We didn't stay long. Her house isn't kid proof. And she kept reminding the kids of that too. LOL!
This weekend is going to be so fun. Lots of family and lots of candy! I can't believe Halloween is here already! To be honest, the sooner Christmas is here and gone the better. Hate feeling like this, but these past 6 months have been the hardest on us. I just pray things turn around!
End on a happy note. I love my kids. They are so funny. We had a blast driving together in Jason's truck singing our hearts out to the radio and playing games to keep Kyler happy. :) Fun day. Fun night. Goodnight!

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