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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kelsi Lynn

I love this little girl! She is my big helper and my little buddy! I love how girly she is! She loves clothes and shoes! She loves her family, especially her grandparents and her brothers! She is always asking me if she can go to my presidency meetings with me. Last night I gave in and brought her. She fits right in with all the older kids in my ward. Its so funny. They just adore her! I'm so grateful for her and her bright spirit. She's so happy all the time. She is such a quick learner. The other day we were in the car and she starts quoting the Pledge of Allegiance! I was shocked! Thank goodness for preschool!! :)

She dressed herself yesterday. Apparently, my outfit wasn't good enough for her! :) Its fun to watch her grow and develop her own personality. Its going to be so fun having her in primary with me in a few months! I'm excited to watch her learn even more about the gospel. She is my sweetheart! I love you Kelsi Lynn!!!

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