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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The defintition of insanity.......

is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results....

HAHA!! This sums up last night!

We went to Ham Hall at UNLV, for the anual Desert Choral Christmas concert. A little back story, I have gone almost every year with my family since I was a little girl. When Jason and I got married he really enjoyed piggybacking all my families traditions. Including the concert. The first two years were fine. But last year after I spent 3/4 of the show in the hall, Jason said we weren't going the next year. So when my mom emailed me the flyer a week ago, I told her we weren't going this year. The night before, Jason was watching the Christmas Devotional on the BYU channel. He yelled to me,"Elise! When is the Desert Choral concert?" I was pretty shocked, but yelled back," Ummm...tomorrow night! But I told my parents were weren't coming." He said,"Call them back, we're going." I just laughed. So there we were, Monday night, at the concert hall. And you guessed it. I was in the hall for about 7 of the 10 or 11 songs they performed. But this time with two kids... haha! Atleast Jason and Kelsi got to enjoy the music. He needs the uplifting more than I do! :)

It was pretty late by the time we go to our car. Earlier in the day my mom asked if she could pick up Kelsi from school and have her spend the day with them. Fine by me! So we had to wait even longer in the parking lot to get her carseat. And ofcourse, Kelsi waited until the last minute and we were already to the car to say she had to go potty. So Jason took her back in while I sat in the truck with the screaming and tired boys. After my parents drove off and Jason got back to the truck a couple of elderly ladies came up to Jason and were going on and on about how one lady missed her bus and the other sent her husband with memory problems to the parking garage 20 mins ago and he hasn't come back. Mind you the boys are still screaming and I was on the brink of crying, due to myself being tired, and a little ticked I had to miss the concert.

Jason tried to track down a ride for the one lady and off we went up and down the parking garage about 3 times scanning it for the other lady's husband. We finally drove to the top and found a campus police man. We told him what happened and followed him back down to the front of the concert hall. Where the one lady did find her bus, and the other lady was just about to drive off because her husband finally came down. Moral of the story, although I was growing very upset, I'm very thankful that I have a husband who will stop to help someone in need. I'm thankful that was one of the good things he did learn from his step dad.

And the kids did calm down and we actually had a pretty peaceful ride home. Keaton fell asleep and Kelsi and Kyler zoned out watching The Incredibles on the DVD player! Don't know what I would do with out that thing!

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