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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

AHHHH...I love this time of the year! So fun! Everyone is so friendly and buzzing with Christmas cheer! I love shopping for gifts and wrapping presents! I definitely get it from my dad! He starts a countdown to Christmas in January. HAHA! We started off December by going to my parent's ward Christmas party. It was so creative! They had you enter through certain doors, and they had tape on the floor to look like a railroad. It led up the stairs and onto the stage where they had a lit train. Then down the stairs to enter the gym where they had a beautiful room set up. White lights and draping all over. Tons of packages wrapped and a big buffet. It was a Polar Express theme. They had a conductor who directed the party. They had everything from hot a chocolate cart, breakfast buffet, to SANTA! And yes I am a loser, because I didn't take a single picture!

It was a rough day. My mom picked the kids and I up around 12. We usually go to lunch, but decided to wait for MacKenzie to get out of school at 1:30. BIG MISTAKE!!! Kyler and Kelsi were so excited to go to Grandma's house! But being in the car so long and having not eaten yet, really put Kyler in hysterics! By the time we got to Kenzie's school Kyler was cry/screaming. And would not stop. No matter what we tried to bribe him with or tried to give him. So you can imaging how bad I felt the next morning when about 3 am or so I was woken up to Kyler throwing up all over me and my bed! This continued every hour or so for the rest of the night. I was so exhausted! I had to be to a stake baptism at 10, so I slept until 9:15. Poor buddy! He was sick for the rest of the day (coming out of both ends)! Kelsi had been sick like this a few days earlier, but I had confined her to her room, so I thought I was safe. Oh well. Jason did a lot to help me that day. Taking over most of the cleaning up and caring for him. So, I was able to do a few errands that day and had a nice time with Kelsi taking her to the baptism and with me to do the errands.

This picture is pre meltdown! In the back of grandma's car.
We had a nice Sunday. Went to church. The kids took a nap and Jason and I watched Eclipse! I made a pot roast and homemade rolls for dinner. I wished we could have gone to my parent's house, but I enjoyed our family day at home.

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