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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keaton is 11 months old today!

I took this pic of you with my phone this morning while we were getting ready for church! Now that you're walking nothing is safe, hence all the DVD's you pulled down and were as happy as could be as I caught you red handed!

Time is flying!! We are so blessed to have you apart of our family! You make us so happy! You're always smiling and rarely cry! We were out and about almost all day yesterday, so you were in your car seat a lot! Not a peep out of you! You were just as happy as can be! You're walking all over the place now! All the family get really excited and shout,"LOOK! LOOK! HE'S WALKING!" Grinning ear to ear! So sweet! You melt my heart little man! I love your snuggles and big 'ol smile! And especially your big slobbery kisses you give only mama!

You are getting so big! Tonight at dinner you didn't hesitate to let me know you wanted everything I was eating! You ate pears, carrots, diced chicken breast and lots of french bread! You're such a sweet boy! Love you!

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