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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Before I forget! Easter seemed like a week long event. We had our ward Easter breakfast and egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. Then the day before Easter we had a family picnic where the kids had a blast searching for eggs again with their cousins. (All the pics I took there are on my mom's camera..imaloser!) We had lots of yummy food and it was so fun helping the littlest of the kids find treasures! Kelsi and Kyler both ended up finding $ in their Easter eggs! Kelsi has made me promise to take her to get a slurpee! It really was a bummer because Jason had to work his first Saturday that day. We sure missed him. After the egg hunt we were just kind of hanging out at the park when the sky got dark and all of a sudden a huge storm blew in! It was crazy! Everyone ran around like crazy and had the cars/trucks loaded to go in like 2 minutes! Kenzie and I dropped off Keaton with my mom and we took Kyler to Target with us. I had to get a few extra things for the kids baskets!


I was really stressed about me sharing time because it was the Easter lesson. So I was late getting ready for church, so Jason took all 3 kids so I could finish getting ready quicker. Which is why, yet again, imaloser! :( I only got a pic of Kyler in his Sunday clothes and not Kelsi or Keaton. Ok and my camera sucks! But anyway..this pic totally makes me laugh! We had taken 5 or 6 of just him. Then he decided to that he wanted to take some with his basket. So he picks it up and starts posing with it. And this one is my absolute favorite! I asked him, "Kyler, what are you doing?" He said,"Looking at my basket mommy!" Like duh woman! Haha!

It was a nice day. We went to my parent's house for dinner. Very yummy! It was a good time! And with Jason's new work schedule, it was nice to not have to worry about leaving before 8. We could hang out and catch up with everyone! Love it!

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