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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last weekend Jason, my sister MacKenzie and I headed to Arizona for the weekend! Our friend was getting married!

Sister Shelley Haws to be exact. Shelley was one of the missionaries who taught Jason the first discussions over four years ago. She has always been such a great friend to us. She has stayed with us a few times and even flew down to come to our sealing. We just love her. She is the sweetest person!

We were so lucky to have our good friends Jessica and Skyler so graciously let us stay with them for the weekend! WE HAD A BLAST!

We dropped the kids off at my mom's house around 10 Friday morning and we were on the road. My parents are THE BEST!!!!!! They watched all three kids and let us take their car so it would be cheaper on fuel! (My truck has a V-8 Hemi and Jason's is a diesel! YA No thanks!)

Anyway after about 5 or 6 hours we finally rolled into Queen Creek,Arizona! Skyler was grilling burgers and giving Jason a tour of his garage. Needless to say! The burgers were burnt! So we all piled in Jessica's truck and headed a couple towns over to Five Guy's Burgers! Jason and I felt like teenagers again! We sang and danced around in the truck and it was a serious comedy hour there and back!

It was Jessica's birthday the day before, so after dinner we headed to their house and then over to her friend's house for a yummy birthday cake! Her friend was so cute and equally hilarious to Jessica!

The next morning Jason and I got up and got ready to head to the Mesa Temple. That temple is AMAZING! If you're ever in Mesa and you're and endowed member, I highly recommend you go do a session. The sealing was so beautiful! And the sealer was hilarious! And he knew Shelley's family so it was so nice to hear all the beautiful personal touches he put in.

We didn't eat breakfast and still had a couple hours until the luncheon we were invited to. So we did a little driving around. We found a mall and a bunch of restaurants. We decided to share a breakfast at Mimi's. OMG I love that place we shared and omelet and crepes and of course their famous honey bran muffins! DELISH!

We decided we better do some walking if we were supposed to be at lunch soon. So we went over to they mall to look for a gift for the kids. We went right into Macy's and found Kyler an awesome T-Rex shirt and Kelsi a princess shirt and a dress for Christmas! All on the clearance rack! Plus when I got up to the register the cashier scanned a 15% off card! Sweet! I can handle 12 bucks! HAHA! We walked around Macy's for about an hour, and looked at all the beautiful home stuff! And since Jason and I both love to cook, we drooled over all the KitchenAide attachments!

We finally headed down the street to the Olive Garden for the luncheon. It was really strange to walk into a family party where you don't know anyone. Shelley's brother in law invited us to sit at his table. He started talking to us rather quickly and assumed we were apart of the groom's family. It was fun listening to Jason tell his conversion story and how special Shelley is to us. And boy did Jason find a life long friend. These two talked the entire luncheon! :)

After lunch (which we obviously had LOTS of leftovers) we headed back to Skyler and Jessica's. They had taken Kenzie to 2 of their malls. I guess Arizona is known for having a ton of them. We watched the last Harry Potter and Jason got a nap! Then it was time to get back on the road and head to the reception.

It was so cute. I guess their first date was at Cafe Rio, so that's what they served! YUM! I was pretty tired and we had planned to meet up with my sis and the rest of the gang to go to Cold Stone. And I almost had Jason out the door when he ran into Shelley's brother in law again. OMG Literally another hour of them gabbing and exchanging phone numbers, we finally left. -Honestly that it something I really admire about Jason. He makes friends so easily, and is so likable! I don't know why, but as I get older, I feel awkwardly shy....I digress. Oh and these adorable girls were some of the little flower girls..they were so cute and followed Jason and I around the chapel when we were walking around. They were adorable and insisted on showing me where the bathrooms was! Made me miss my babies!

So we got back to the house and piled up in in the truck again. Good thing Skyler drives FAST!! Because we got there just in time before they closed. Boy was Kenzie happy!

The girls and Jessica's brother Jared who lives with them, stayed up and watched a disappointing SNL. We all went to bed.

The next morning was early church! We just went to sacrament and Skyler and Jessica made us a delicious breakfast before we were on the road!

I had such a great time! Great company, so many laughable moments and just a fun fun weekend! I'm so thankful that I have such a great family that I can depend on! And great friends who welcome us with open arms into their ADORABLE home! I'm also so grateful that I got to spend time with my sister! She and I stayed up a few nights in a row and gabbed and hung out. It was so nice since its such a rarity that that happens with our busy lives!

This cute pic is us and Carl! Jessica's "friend" who she takes everywhere and takes super funny and cute pics of it! :) Kenzie and I thought it would be fun to document another funny milestone in Carl's life! :)

We drove home and picked up our kids! We were mutually excited to see each other! And it was nice to be home! But I really wish we were back in Queen Creek! :)

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Miles! Thank you for the best excuse for me to go to Arizona for my first time!

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