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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh church!

Boy are Sunday's crazy! Especially this last one. Sacrament feels like the longest of the 3 hours. I try my hardest to bring snacks, crayons, coloring sheets, small toys and books. I usually have to get up at least twice to take out a crying kid, or someone needing a potty break. Back to Sunday, we had made through the actual sacrament and two of the three talks. The high councilmen (our old bishop) was up speaking, when the couple's toddler in front of us, crawled under our bench. I just instinctively picked her up and sat her with my kids. Her parents didn't even really to have her come back to them, so I just figured I would let her play with our toys and crayons. She sat with us for a while. The next thing I know Keaton is making his way down our row, then up the isle, then up on the stand. Like that wasn't mortifying enough, Kyler AND Kelsi chased after him!!! I was so embarrassed!! I made Jason go get him and he took him out in the hall. I quickly passed the little girl back to her parents.

After Sacrament was finally over with we just sat on the bench exhausted from the hour. Already feeling like a loser mom, I was really nervous when I saw a brother from our ward coming our way. He sat behind us and told us how grateful he was that our kids ran up on the stand. He said it made him so happy because all his kids were grown and it brought back a stream of good memories. He then went on to tell us not to feel bad or stress because we're going to miss those moments.

That really hit home because I have been having that exact thought a lot lately! Every time I get mad, every time they make a mess, every time they embarrass me at the store or in a restaurant , at the end of the day I know they are growing up so fast! I just love my little monkeys SO MUCH! I know there will come a day where I will look back and wish that my problems were that minimal.

This Sunday was also Keaton's first Sunday in Nursery. We've been counting this day down for a while now. I'm in the primary presidency and Jason is in the EQ presidency. So there ate a lot of Sundays where we are both conducting or teaching, So we were constantly having to juggle this constant nonstop ball of energy! From what I heard, he did ok. I'm glad his big brother is in there with him- until January that is. They said during singing time Keaton sat on Kyler lap the whole time. So precious! I was so happy to hear that because we told Kyler he needed to protect his brother.

Jason had an unexpected meeting after church so we had to wait an extra 20 minutes in the car! Proved my point that we need to drive separate! Jason still disagrees! HA! On the ride home from church I was telling Jason about how the nursery leader said Keaton had a rough time and it will take a little time for him to get used to going. (Um ya I know how it works..this is kid number 3! HAHA!) And Jason confessed that he had gone in to check on him and that's when he started to cry! So sad! And funny at the same time! Jason totally missed his little buddy! Still! Bad bad Jason!

After church we ate a quick lunch and I headed out to go visiting teaching. I love going! I love the ladies I visit and my companion! It's really hard to keep our visits short because we've really become friends and I look forward to our adult conversations. Even if they always lead to child birth and our kids diets! HAHA!

After I got home I totally got a wild hair and went in my kids room, in de-junk mode! The had a ridiculous amount if toys! Many that go untouched and just get in the way. We've been telling the kids that they most likely will not be getting any toys for Christmas because they don't even play with the ones they have. Ya mean mom! I'm sure they'll still get a couple. Anyway, 3 huge, very full trash bags filled with toys now sit in the back of my Durango! And out of their room! sigh of relief! I still have a ton of organizing to do but I will be very happy to drop off those toys to the DI, just in time for Christmas. We are so blessed and I am happy to help this in need by donating our unused toys! :)

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