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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Magical Forest

It's that time of year again! Christmas is COMING! YAHOO! My absolute favorite time of year! I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done! I really just need to get my parent's gifts and Jason's stocking stuffers then I'm done! I'm thinking I will wait until this weekend to put up the Christmas stuff.

Last night we had a really fun family night! Jason's boss gave him a comp so we ate dinner at his work in the Mexican restaurant! Then we headed to the annual holiday party for the kids at Opportunity Village.

They look forward to it all year! We get in for free and get unlimited rides on the train and this year they had carnival rides. We always go straight for the train first because its usually a half our wait. It wasn't bad at all this year and was only about 15minutes. The kids love the train!

Then we took them over to the firetruck and it was awesome because the firefighters let the kids climb literally ALL OVER the truck! Boy were they in heaven!

Then Jason bought Kelsi some popcorn and we started to walk over to the other carnival rides. We waited in line for this dragon ride for over an hour....ugh. I had to leave the line twice to take the kids to the bathroom. We finally got up to our turn and all 5 of us got to ride! It was really fun! Its one of those tea cup types where you can spin it to make it go faster. And ya, Jason had us whirling around as fast as it could go! The kids loved it! Little daredevils! HA!

Then we walked over to this two story fun house with a huge slide at the top. The baby and I sat that one out.

We made our way inside to get the kids toy sacks. These things are loaded every year. Kelsi's had a mini cash register drawer loaded with play money and coins. She was over the moon! It also had this little place mat that you could actually color and it had a thing of bubbles and all these cool wands in it. Kyler's had a baseball and a bat, a puzzle, a truck and one of those place mats. Keaton's had a ball, blocks and this inflatable ring toss toy.

After we got the loot.. ;) we headed next door and got them each their huge and delicious gingerbread men/girl! And as if that wasn't enough! We walked over to the carousel for another unreal short line and they got to ride that! It was so cute!

It was such a fun night! And I'm so happy we can do fun stuff together as our little family! We got home after 9, so we were all exhausted! I was sure happy to crawl into my bed!

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