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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School

This week students around the valley headed back to school. And it was super exciting for the Carr family, because miss Kelsi started Kindergarten!!! She was so cute!! The whole family woke up to drive her and then we all walked her to the playground and found her class. It was really neat because her school every morning has a morning assembly where they say the pledge and sing God Bless America. Jason and I thought that was so awesome!! And I guess that's where they will have morning announcements and stuff like that. After that we followed her class to the classroom. She walked right in and didn't even turn around to say goodbye! Haha! I'm not surprised though! She has always been our little independent lady.

She is enjoying taking her lunch, eating with her friends, having recess and loves PE! She told me they did yoga in PE this week! Um what? Haha! That's cool! She already has homework and loves her teacher. She even has 3 friends from her primary class there.

With the return of school, comes the mile long supply list. I'm trying to be thankful I only have one kid with a list. Because I will have two next year! Anyway, I was a little stir crazy last night and decided to go to Target to see if they had anything left of school supplies. I fed the kids dinner and bathed them and had them in their pj's. We got there and it was pretty busy. I was able I get most of the stuff so I was happy. So after we had circled the store I was ready to go. And oh my gosh. Kyler had the BIGGEST, LOUDEST, WORST temper tantrum EVER!!! He wanted a toy and didn't want one out of the $1 section and screamed and cried and even threw something, everytime I got him calmed down he just kept freaking out with bursts of anger. I just wanted to get out of there because ofcourse the whole store was staring and the teenage boy that was checking us out looked mortified. I just hurried us to the car and put him in his seat. As I was loading my bags in the trunk a lady and her teenage daughter stopped me. She said she wanted to tell me how much she respected me and how it was really commendable how I didn't overreact to how Kyler was acting. She said she has seen many parents go crazy. I have had many many people come up to me in stores and usually its a negative comment or unwanted advice. So it really made my night when someone actually gave me a pat on the back and a compliment. Just today some old guy walked past me with my 4 kids at Smith's and said i was "a brave little lady!" Maybe I am doing a few of these parenting things right. And thankfully my parents taught me how to be a good parent. Even though we've been through hell and back with a few incidents in my know-it-all teenage years and early
20's I'm glad they didn't give up on me ever!

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  1. Yeah for Kelsey! I'm glad she likes Kindergarten. I'm glad your Target experience ended on such a happy note. I think every mother has a story like that one. Sounds like you got through like a champ. Having good parents as examples in such a blessing huh?! :)