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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Fun Weekend!

Friday, I spent the day with my mom! We hung out, went to visit my grandparents, and went to lunch with Kenzie when she got out of school. I left around 5 because they were going on a date. Jason was doing a side job for a guy, breaking down a hot tub and hauling the debris away. He got done close to 8, and the guy gave him a tip and told him to take his family to dinner! So he did! YUM YUM YUM! I love Cafe Rio!

Its been in the 69-70's for the past 4 or 5 days. Good ol LV! This weekend was fun! Mom, Dad, Kenzie, Candice, me, Kelsi and Keaton all went to the SWAP MEET! AY YI YI!! ARRIBA!! ;) It was funny seeing all the crazy things people try to sell.Candice bought Kelsi these boots with high heels on them. So ofcourse, she acts like she's 15when she wears them. Attitude and all!

That night, we went over to Paul and Kris's house for dinner. It was to celebrate Jaxon and Paul's birthdays. Paul turned 40 and Jaxon turned 4! They had some bbq'd chicken and rib eye? I think thats what its called. It was a fun night and the kids had a blast! I'm so glad they have lots of cousins to run around and get in to trouble with!

Jason got a call at 3 in the morning Sunday from his work. I guess everyone called in sick so they asked him to come in. Best part though was it was all OT!!!! It was so weird having him gone on a Sunday. Especially going to church by myself. I taught sharing time again. It went much better this week then it did last week. I still was sweating like no other! HAHA! Its crazy that those little kids make me so nervous! After Jason got home, we drove out to Moapa. My friend Becky and her fiance Jay bought a house out there. They're getting married Feb 12. We had dinner with them. It was a fun night! But like I told my mom, it would have been even better with out the kids! LOL! They were just bored! But Kelsi and Kyler kept everyone entertained with her dance moves and his wrestling!

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