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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As promised, here are a few pics. These ones are of course, Kelsi in her boots! She kept telling me how to take her picture and how she wanted to pose. I have like 10 different choices! I love this girl!

These are a few funny ones of Kyler sleeping. The first is how I came home to him after running a few errands with my mom. He was passed out on Uncle Jarred! The second, is showing his love for his -too big- snow boots that he's obsessed with! This week Kyler is sporting a black eye. The pic I took of that didn't turn out so well. He's had quite the week! Monday, he was jumping on the couch(which, how many times do we tell him not to!) and bit his lip. Freaked me out, thought he was going to need stitches! The next day, Kelsi was "baptizing" him in the bathtub, and smacked his forehead on the faucet. Again, freaked me out, and blood everywhere. But the black eye, came from him tripping over the vacuum, face first into the back of the couch! Poor buddy! ALL BOY!

Keaton is now 8 months old! I love my sweet little baby! I'm trying to soak up every inch of him since I've been told a few times he'll be my last! He has 8 teeth, says mama mama (which I love!) and is balancing on two feet! He loves Kelsi to death, if she walks into the room he immediately bursts into laughter!

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