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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby!

You’re 40!! Holy cow! I hope you have a great day!
I love you babe! More than you’ll ever know! In fact:

40 Reasons why I LOVE Jason A. Carr!

1. You love me.
2. You love me the way I am.
3. You are THE BEST father!
4. You gave me 3 beautiful children!
5. Kelsi loves cottage cheese!
6. Kelsi loves spaghetti!
7. Our kids will know how to check and change their oil on their vehicles! 
8. You teach me something new every day!
9. You let me cry on you even if I get makeup on your shirt!
10. You take me to Café Rio!
11. You work your butt off for us!
12. You take me shopping!
13. You rub my back-when you’re awake enough to do so!
14. You hold my hand in the car!
15. You change poopy diapers!
16. You give me a girl’s night out every now and then!
17. You keep me warm at night!
18. You create awesome memories for our family!
19. You love U-Swirl! WOOT!
20. You always smell like salad dressing!
21. You make me laugh!
22. You can make me SOOO happy and make me SOOO mad in the same moment!
23. You maintenance my car!
24. You help me around the house when I’ve had a bad/hard day.
25. Keaton about has a heart attack when he hears your truck!
26. You protect me and our children with your own life.
27. You make me feel safe.
28. You make me feel hot and sexy!
29. You make me laugh and get my humor!
30. You send me funny texts!
31. You call me when you’re on the pooper at work!
32. You FaceTime’d me on the pooper in the hotel! HAHAHAHAH! Hilarious!
33. You can cook and clean better than anyone I know!
34. You make me blush!
35. You’re SOOOO Smart!
36. You taught me to love SUSHI!
37. You help my family.
38. You are a worthy priesthood holder.
39. You give service to someone everyday!
40. You’re all mine for all eternity!

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