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Monday, October 3, 2011

Kyler Got A Haircut!!!

A few days ago Kyler came up to me when I was going to the bathroom! He was holding scissors and asking me what they were for. I told him to go put them back right now! I went to look for him and he of course cut a big ol chunk from the front of his hair! I was so mad at him but more myself for not taking them from him! So he got a very long time out in his room. After his time out I tried to see if the damage was anywhere repairable. I combed it and put a little hairspray in it and didn't really think it was that big of a deal. In fact, I had even forgot to mention it to Jason.

So the next day was Saturday and my parents asked me to drive my sister to the airport. They were all in Salt Lake for General Conference. She had a football game she had to cheer at that morning. So I asked my grandma if she could watch the kids because I escorted Kenz to her gate. Anyway, my grandma tried to fix Kyler's hair and Jason came to her house after work and decided that his hair just needed to go. So after I was done at the airport I stopped to pick up a pizza. I got a text of this picture:

It literally took my breath away. I think even a little swear word came out! I was seriously shocked. He looks like a totally different kid! Jason likes it and what really matters is Kyler loves it.

He's constantly rubbing his new hair and he thinks it looks pretty cool! I on the other hand I am having a rough time with it. I don't like it at all. He looks so big! But he looks cute either way! And I am just hoping it grows back by the time we take Christmas pictures!

Other than that, like I said, it was General Conference weekend. My favorite time of the year! You get to watch church in your pj's! The best! It was a really relaxed day and we even got a couple projects done! I'm glad my family got to go up to conference, and am jealous that we couldn't be there! And I can not believe it is OCTOBER! Seriously! Where does the time go? This is always a crazy month for me! My birthday, Jason's birthday,and my sister's birthday! So exciting! Can't wait for the celebrating to begin! And I can't forget Halloween! I love it! The kids already have their costumes! And between preschool, Jason's work party, my parents, Jason's family and church parties, I feel like we really get our money's worth! Can't wait!

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