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Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yes! Today is the day-I've been dreading for weeks! I don't know why, but this birthday makes me feel old-er! I think it's the fact that now being 27, it's closer to 30 than 20! Scary! :)

Anyway, so you know those people who always have or talk about a Birthday Week? Ya I've always thought those people were dumb! But this past week, yup, I was one! Ha! About a month ago I decided that Jason and I deserved a trip. ALONE!! So I planned a surprise trip. I called my mom and she quickly agreed to watch all 3 kids for two nights! I then called and got us a hotel room then ordered us two tickets to Tuachan in St. George!

So we were driving around town a couple weeks ago and Jason says,"So, I have a surprise for you." all I could do was laugh as he started telling me about how he wants to take me to Disneyland and he needed me to get the hotel room. So then I had to tell him I had a surprise too! I was all for giving our tickets away, but Jason was so excited about going to Tuachan since he'd never been. I felt really good about planning something he could be excited about.

So we dropped off the kids and I was so happy because there was minimal crying!! Our house was SO quiet! We couldn't get used to it! The next day we got up to pack and Jason had to run some errands. But it was nice to be able clean the house without any interruptions! We were finally ready to leave. We stopped and ate some tacos because we didn't eat breakfast (amazing you forget to eat when your kids aren't around!) And because it was going to be about 5 hours until our dinner reservations.

We made it up to St. George under 2 hours! There was really lite traffic. It was so nice! We checked in and Jason took a nap! Then we Skyped with the kids and got ready for dinner.

My parents gave Jason a gift certificate to a place in St. George called Anasazi Steakhouse. It's kind of like The Melting Pot. We ordered a cheese fondue to start. It was delicious! Then we shared a steak that you cut yourself and cook up on this stone they bring out that's over 700 degrees and it came with this amazing avocado salad! Then we had a little time before the play so we shared the chocolate Carmel fondue! O M GOSH! SO GOOD!! I always hear about people and their "food coma's", now I understand! HAHA!

We made it just in time to valet and then for the play. We saw The Little Mermaid. I was a little worried Jason would think it was dorky, being a Disney thing for little kids. But oh man! It was SO GOOD! You are seriously mesmerized the whole time at all the special effects and details that have gone into the beautiful production! They ask you to not take pics, so this is why I have none. After the play we headed to the grocery store for some waters and somebody needed gas-x! Cough cough! **the hubby**

The next morning we went downstairs for breakfast at our hotel. Gotta love Utah's continental breakfast! :) We decided to do some site seeing. We went to the Brigham Young Summer home and the Tabernacle. SO BEAUTIFUL! I love hearing more about our church's history and how Latter Day Saint's have been an influence on our country. It was really neat to see Jason learn more too. After that we shopped around for a bit to bring the kids home a treat and then we ate at The Pizza Factory for lunch. Their pizza/salad bar is THE BOMB!

We drove straight to my parent's house to pick up the very excited to see us kids! My parents are THE BEST! They had dinner ready for us and had all the kids' clothes washed! I love them so much! Also my sister Kenz and brother Jarred! They were a big help as well! We especially enjoyed getting little videos of the kids from Kenzie occasionally. We did watch them over and over! Ya, seeing a kid play makes you miss your kids!

All in all, it was a great little get away! And much needed adult time!

Back to today. My day started off normal. Get up, get everyone fed and dressed. Until I ran to take a quick shower, to walk in to my sloshy carpet! One of the kids forgot to put the handle up in my bathroom and it flooded! UGH!!!!!! Such a pain! 2nd time this has happened! So I cleaned up as fast and as best as I could, and jumped in the shower. I got ready in seriously 20 minutes and then took Kelsi to school. Kyler decided that we should make cupcakes for my birthday. So we were mixing everything together and he was putting the papers in the pan when we heard a knock at the door! It was my mom! She and my dad made me a bday cake!

She dropped it off before heading to the temple! So we took the cupcakes to my friend who happens to have the same bday as me, and is also Kelsi and Kyler's preschool teacher!

Later that day my mom took us to lunch and we went to the park and let the kids run around! My VT's stopped by and gave me a card and a little gift. Then Jason got home and took us to Cafe Rio! Now everyone is asleep and I'm thinking of joining them since its become a sad tradition on Saturdays that everyone has forgotten how to sleep in! HAHA!

Oh well! Happy Birthday to me! And thank you for all the phone calls, texts and messages on Facebook! Its been a great day/week!

***My Skype pic cracks me up..we were on my iphone and the kids were on my dad's ipad2. They were making us all nauseous because they wouldn't stop shaking it!

***The pic of us at Tuacahn also makes me laugh becuase there was an old lady sitting behind Jason. He's well over 6 ft tall so the one time he leaned over to kiss my head and snuggle up during the show, she tapped him and rudely told him she couldn't see!! We just kind of looked at her and laughed like teenagers! HAHA!

***My cake, before and after a day of sitting on the counter in reach of Kyler! HAHA!! LOVE that boy!

***And one last brag about why I love my parents, not only do they take such great care of my kids, but also Jason and me! My mom picked out a beautiful comforter set that I LOVE for my bday! Its so so so comfy! And not too girly! So Jason is happy!

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog! I'm going to have to start stalking it, haha:) And happy birthday! We are getting so old!