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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Before I even get to Halloween let me tell of what happend the weekend prior.

So Friday night we ate dinner, showered the kids, PJ's were on, teeth brushed and the older kids were in bed. Jason and I were sitting on separate couches watching TV, and Keaton was on my lap just hanging out. All of a sudden I am COVERED in throw up! Jason jumped up in a panic and grabbed a towel. Keaton threw up two more times after that. I knew then and there we were in for a very long night! I peeled my clothes off and the baby's and we immediately got in the shower. Jason went outside and was hosing off the couch cushions, pillows, towels and our clothes. Just as I predicted the baby and I were up every hour at least twice throwing up all the way until 6:30 am. I was sure glad it was Saturday and I didn't have to do the preschool getting ready rush!

The rest of the day he was back to pretty much his normal self. Even eating lunch. So that night we decided to go to the trunk or treat at our church. Jason and the rest of the EQ presidency were in charge so he came home from work, showered and got dressed and was out the door. My parents went to the temple that night so my sister MacKenzie came over and came with me to the church. I was so glad she was there to help out with the kids since Jason was busy with the party. They served pot luck chili and cornbread. Ya, I despise pot lucks! Haha! I know I'm a brat but it really freaks me out. Plus its weird for me to look around and see so many strangers that show up for the food and candy! Anyway, the kids wouldn't eat anything and were growing impatient that they had to sit around for so long. So we took the kids outside to play some games. A little while later people started coming outside to start the trunk or treat. Kelsi cracked me up by telling me her favorite part was getting to tell the kids that we ran out of candy! Haha! And Kyler got an extra handful from a brother in my ward because he was apparently the first one to say Thank You!

After we went home I had to make everyone food! Then I put the kids to bed. I was on the couch folding laundry and catching up on my DVR, when I hear Kyler crying. I stayed put for a minute to let him kind of cry it out until I heard the horrible sound of him throwing up! Boy did I run fast!! He had gotten in Kelsi's bed and was throwing up in her bed. I first grabbed her and put her in his bed. Lucky girl had missed being puked on by a mere inch or two! I cleaned him up and stripped the bed and brought him out to the living room. He threw up again and it woke up Keaton. They were both crying at that point, and I hear Kelsi come in and tell me she just threw up. So I woke up Jason and he took the baby. Kelsi and Kyler kept me up ALL night long.

About 6 am, Jason woke up and he took over taking care of the kids so I could try to sleep. He let me sleep for about 2 hours before he came in and said he was now throwing up and needed me to come in and help him with the kids! He slept most of the day and got sick a bunch of times. Around 5 i couldnt take it any more and had to sleep! The baby and I got a 3 hour nap. I got up and made everyone dinner, that no one really ate, and then it was bedtime for the kids! Longest 2 days ever!

So the next day was Halloween and everyone was back to normal. We just hung out during the day and tried to clean the house and put everything back together. Its amazing how your house gets destroyed when everyone is home and sick! Anyway, that night we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house and had dinner and took the kids trick or treating! It was really fun!

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