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Monday, March 14, 2011


Oh man. So ya, I'm one of the clumsiest people ever! When I was growing up, I would constantly fall -UP- the stairs! I would trip over stuff, and to this day I still stub my toes on furniture and of course now toys!

Jason has this little nickname he loves to call me anytime I hurt myself..or especially if one of the kids hurt themselves..he looks over at me, smirks and shakes his head and says "Claude-they get that from you!" DRIVES ME NUTS!! :)

Anyway, today I totally deserved the name. When the kids and I got home from doing our errands, the baby was pretty much done being patient with me. He was hungry and was letting me know it! ****I've been trying to wean him from breastfeeding, I have him eat a combination of fruit and vegetable puree, baby oatmeal and (breast)milk. So, I was running around the house, straightening up, changing the laundry and making his food. I walked over to get a spoon and didn't even look up as I was walking back to him while I was stirring it all up. I walked right into the corner of the cupboard door! It almost knocked me on my butt!! I have now a big SORE bump on my forehead!

Making it worse, Keaton was still crying, and showing how he could give a crap that I was in pain, he wanted that food! :) And poor Kelsi. She is a big ball of sensitivity. She immediately bursts into tears saying, "Mom! Are you going to bleed?" Such my tender-hearted child! And to top it all off, Kyler, hahaha, I'm laughing just thinking about it! He just says,"Oh damn it mom! Are you ok?" Whoopsie! Did that slip out???

Oh well what can you do. Another adventure of an imperfect mom.. on that note, Jason was looking at Kyler's teeth Sunday, he noticed he had a cavity. Jeez! Did I feel like mother of the year... :( I brush his teeth morning and night..but I guess I can not keep up with his sugar intake. That kid, I swear, he can sniff out sugar and chocolate from a mile away! And he'll scale the counter tops too! So needless to say, the candy was put up very high and this morning was spent calling around for a children's dentist. Its just crazy. 6 months ago we took him to a dentist. He was cavity free. But thankfully after being with family all day Sunday, we were all able to convince Jason it is partly heredity that is to blame for being susceptible to more cavities..thank goodness his mom stopped by! LOL! :) I'm just hoping tomorrow will be a good experience for the two of us. They might have to put him under to get the cavity taken care of! Good luck little buddy!

***If this is too graphic for you, I apologize! But hey! This is my journal! So relax and just enjoy being a voyer in the privacy of your pj's! :)

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