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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keaton is 10 Months old!

Oh my baby boy how I love you!!!

Your milestones:

-You are so close to walking! You stand on your own and hold on to everything you can to help you get around!
-You love your big sister! She can make you giggle and she is always there to help you get down or get you a snack.
-You are into EVERYTHING!
-You are eating solid foods more and more.
-You still aren't sleeping through the night. :(
-You recognize your family and extended family.
-You hate your carseat! But I love to watch you look out the window when we're driving...
-Last week at the Dr. you weighed 21 lbs!
-You have the loudest screeching scream and are babbling like crazy!
-You LOVE LOVE LOVE the bath! And that makes us all excited about summertime!
-You are so happy and rarely cry!
-You always have 1 sock or 1 shoe on!! Drives me nuts!! :)

We love you baby boy! We're so thankful you're in our family! And I thank my Heavenly Father every day for sending you to us!

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