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Friday, March 11, 2011

Well check....

Yesterday Keaton and Kyler had a Dr. apt. They were both scheduled for shots. Since my mom had surgery a week ago, I asked Kenzie to watch Kelsi. We got up early and took Kelsi to preschool. I told Kyler we were going to the Dr today and he was going to get shots. He seemed fine with it. Even kind of excited about it. We picked up Kelsi and drove to my mom's house. We visited for a while, had lunch, then the boys and I went to the Dr. They were really good for me. Keaton weighs 20 lbs and Kyler weighs 31. I talked to the Dr about how I want to start weaning Keaton. He'll be 10 months in a few days. She said I'd have to put him on formula until his birthday. Not what I wanted to hear. He has been eating tons of baby food. But not as much as I wish he would. Keaton got 2 shots in his legs and a toe prick on his big toe for an iron test. Poor little guy. He screamed with the two shots! Kyler got two shots in his legs and 1 in his arm. He cried with all the shots, but quickly calmed down as soon as the nurse mentioned he'd get to pick out a sucker! He was so happy to get dressed and go to the check out counter! He picked himself a sucker and I told him he should get one for Kelsi. We drove back to my mom's house and what do you know? Kyler ate both suckers! Little stinker! I didn't feel too bad when I got a text from Kenz.


She took Kelsi to get slurpees!

The rest of the day Kyler told everyone the Dr hurt him! Poor little buddy! Oh ya, she also told us Kyler has exima...he has all these red patches on his legs and belly... any good lotions you recommend?

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