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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quick Update

Not much going on around the Carr household!

Friday night I got to have a well deserved ladies night! My mom and I a few weeks ago saw an ad for the BYU Young Ambassador's...they're a performing group that travel all around the world..we figured..hey for 5 bucks..what the heck! So we bought enough tickets for myself, my mom, my sister, my grandma, my aunt, my sister in law and a girl my brother was dating. As the date grew closer, my sister in law said she had a trip planned for Utah for a while now, so she cancelled. Then the girl my brother was dating said she had to work late that night. Then everytime my poor aunt turned around she had a sick kid or spouse! Since my mom was having surgery the following week she couldn't chance getting my aunt had to cancel. So we had 3 extra tickets. My mom invited her friend June her other friend Julie and her daughter Mandy. We met at Chili's for dinner..and then headed to the show.. it was freezing that night! And the show was outdoors! All we could do was laugh at the hokey show and how cold we were! Afterwards, we grabbed a hot chocolate and doughnuts at Krispy Kreme's! It was a fun night!

Tuesday my mom had surgery..she's recovering at my grandma's house. My dad and I both thought it would be too much for myself and all 3 kids to be around her for the first few days. But she did call today and said "Come over now-I need to see my babies!" HAHA!

We got our refund last feels so nice paying things off! :) This is by far our favorite time of the even compares to Christmas! I'm praying we have some money left over to take a trip. Just Jason and me! I want to go to Disneyland so freakin bad!!! He and I need and deserve a break to relax and have a fun and spend some alone time!

Kyler and Kelsi are doing great sleeping in their own beds! Kyler sleeps through the night and is so proud of himself for doing so! We rewarded him this week by taking him to Target and letting him pick out a new bedding set! He ofcourse chose the one covered in baseballs, footballs and soccor balls! Kelsi does better at falling asleep fast, like her dad! But still wakes up occasionally during the night and wants to sleep with us. She has such a wild imagination and a vivid memory..I think she has bad dreams. But she as well got a new bedding set...we picked it out "together" haha! She wanted Hannah Montana or princesses! We compromised on flowers! Its really great, because they also make their beds each day!

Keaton will be 10 months this month. He is babbling and crawling everywhere. He also walks while holding on to furniture, the walls, the chairs or anything taller than him. He's been eating baby food really well. Its so adorable to watch him eat. I have an apt with his pediatrician next week, I'm hoping she will give me the ok to start weaning him off breastmilk. I just hope she won't make me put him on formula!

Other than all that, we're just surviving. We're enjoying any family time we can get. And are trying to keep up with church, family and life!

Until next time!

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