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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Answered Prayers

So, since October we have been dealing with our credit union being bought out, then our loans being transferred to another institution. We've been one of the many small business owners affected by the economy. And by October we had finally gone through our savings trying to keep our business afloat. Filling out 3 sets of modification forms and playing the stressful waiting game. So we were relieved when our loan officer got in contact with us with some really good news! Without going too much into it he basically said we were going to have a modification that will consolidate our debt into one lump sum. And lowering our payment!! I am most excited that we will be able to have a savings again! And next year we should be able to pay both our vehicles off! I'm so thankful and relieved!

On another note, Jason took some time off this weekend and had 4 days off. Unfortunately between the stress we've been under and him working in the smoke all day, he woke up sick with a cold he said he'd been fighting back. After a day (yesterday) of him being real grumpy, as soon as I woke up today and heard he wasn't feeling any better I called our family Dr. We made it a family trip since it was in Henderson. The kids were pretty good in the waiting room but they started getting bored so we went outside and played on the grass until Jason was done. The Dr. said he had an inner ear and sinus infection. Poor guy! After that we went to Panera bread or lunch! We all grubbed!! So yummy!! After that we headed to Discount Tire.

----A little back story. One morning last week, when Jason was leaving for work he noticed one of my tires was almost all the way flat. He was running late and I didn't have anywhere to go that day, so he just aired it back up when he got home. The next morning it was low again. So again he aired it up and told me to take it in to Discount and have them look at it. So I did. I pulled up and explained to the guy what had been going on. He kind of looked at me like I was a dumb girl and told me that because of the heat the tires sometimes do that.. So I was a
little embarrassed, because no matter what I said he just had a reason for why I was wrong. So I left and called Jason and told him what he said. So fast forward to Sunday when we have everyone in my truck and ready to go to church and I look over and the dang tire was flat
again! I was so mad!! We would have been onetime for church too. So back to today, Jason gets out and they immediately pull us into a stall
and take the tire off and put it in the water machine thingy- and sure enough! A bunch of dang holes! You know my big mouth couldn't wait to
tell them how that big guy looked at me like I was a dumb girl and honestly I was so mad because I have precious cargo!!! I could do
nothing but imagine something bad happening. Anyway, long boring story, they fixed it.

After that we went to Walgreens to get Jason's antibiotic, then we headed home. We just hung out. We waited until the sun went down and went out back to grill up some steaks! The kids played in the dirt, on the trampoline and on the swing! It was a long on the go day! And everyone but me ofcourse, were in bed by 9! I love fun filled family days like these!! :)

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