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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Little Recap!!

Kelsi had a mini preschool graduation last week. It was so cute. They sang a few songs they had learned and got a cute little certificate. I only got like 1 good picture because right before it was about to start I smelled the stink of a poopy diaper! UGH! And I am like phobic of diaper rash..I don't think any of my 3 have really ever had a major one..anyway..I told Kelsi to sit and save our seats!(My friend Amber was sitting in the next row over, so I didn't leave her alone people!)I ran out to my car and changed the baby in lightening speed! Sanitized my hands and came back to find these smelly people in my seats and Kelsi sitting with her friend Sam! :( I was SOOOO MAD!!! I had to sit 3 rows back from where I originally sat. Oh well. After I called Jason and ranted to him about how pissed I was I realized it wasn't something I could control. So I let it go! (Isn't it obvious in this post??) :) And since Jason couldn't take off work, I was alone with all three kids, so that is also my excuse for not having Kelsi take a pic with Miss Heather.. Oh well!!

Jason's work schedule has changed. He is now home 3 days and works 4. Let's just say, we're ALL adjusting to the change. But all in all, we're excited that we'll be able to take some adventures this summer with the added day off. And well deserved! We are all in need of a break from reality.

Jason's work also hosted a BBQ for all the employess and their families. It was a lot of fun! They had TONS of food and treats. And they had it at a park, which the kids loved! They even had a bounce house!

Earlier that day, we were at church. I forgot my wallet in the truck so during 2nd hour, I walked out with the baby to get it. I didn't see a rock on the pavement, and I slipped on it and totally fell to the ground with the baby in my arms and twisted my left ankle. I was so embarrassed, but thankfully no one was outside. Poor Keaton though, he hit his head on the ground . He cried for literally a second. And he didn't even have a bump! Me on the other hand... :( I was fine really during the day. And after church I went VT. After we were done visiting one of our sisters, when I got up from how I was sitting on the couch, my foot almost gave out. I had to limp out of the house. When I got home the pain became so unbearable! I was really nervous. I took some extra strength Tylenol and tried to ice it. I decided we would still go to the BBQ since the kids were all ready and excited. On the way there I almost threw up because it hurt so bad. I honestly thought I broke my ankle! I was so upset with myself for getting hurt in such a dumb way! But I was only hobbling for about a day or so. Thankfully it healed quick!

For Memorial Day we went to my parent's house for a heated swim/BBQ. It was so fun! Lots of family and friends and of course great food! And Jason got to show off his mad BBQ-ing skills...delicious marinated tri-tip steaks?? I think that's what it was called. :) Whatever it was, it was so dang good!

So for Mother's Day, I got an iPhone 4,the white one. It is beautiful! Let me just tell you. I.AM.IN.LOVE! It is seriously the most awesome thing ever!! My kids love it too! It honestly amazes me that a 2 and 3 year old can unlock it and play any game the want. Little smarties I tell you! Its also a lifesaver with the maps app and ibooks! I can read again and don't have to worry about little fingers ripping the pages or pulling out my bookmark. Its so awesome!

Well not much else going on. Summer is here! Its supposed to be like 98 next week..days like those, I wish I lived next door to my mom! :)

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