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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Date...

So Jason has been bugging the heck out of me for the past few months that we need to take advantage of our insurance and get our eyes checked. So last week I was cleaning out the office and I came across our provider book. I stopped what I was doing and started flipping through the pages. Unfortunately, all the Dr.'s everyone recommended to us weren't on our list. So I just picked one as close to our favorite babysitter(Grandma duh!). We dropped the kids off and headed to our appointment. It was pretty neat! I don't think I had had my eyes checked since elementary school. The only part I didn't like was that they had to dilate our eyes for an extensive look. That was so crazy! I couldn't even see anything on my cellphone. And then afterwards we walked around the grocery store. Jason was cracking me up! He wore those goofy plastic glasses they give you, all around the store! He even would hold onto my shoulder for the added effect ! It was pretty funny watching everyone look at him. All in all the apt was great. And we both have really good vision! It was a fun afternoon to be alone, even if it was at the optometrist!

After the apt we headed back to my mom's house. We hung out a bit until Kenzie got home from school. Her Friend Aaron came over and we took the kids swimming. Jason and my Dad made dinner. Taco night!!! So yummy! It was a good day! We stayed and watched The Bachelorette and then headed home. It was a pretty late night. But the boys fell asleep on the ride home. Fun day!

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