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Monday, June 27, 2011

If I Said My Heart Was Beating Loud....

Saturday night I went to the Britney Spears concert with my sis Kenzie, my friend Becky and Jordan's girlfriend Christy. I had a seriously awesome night!! Totally much needed girls night out!! We went to Olive Garden for dinner. It was so nice being able to eat a meal uninterrupted and not having to get up or clean up spilled juice! Haha! Anyway, seriously though, you forget how crazy people are down on the strip. After we parked, literally the first lady we see has nothing but little stars on that barely covered her nipples! And that really was just the beginning! These women are crazy! Wearing the tightest, shortest things they could find! And not all of them had the figure for it. And I'm all for extremely high shoes! But some of these girls looked as if they were in some serious pain!!

Nick Minaj opened for Britney. And since none of us were really fans of hers, we took our time getting there and arrived when she was already on stage. This girl definitely has a strange outlook on the world! She had crazy dancers with really scary masks on! And girls giving girls lap dances. Not to mention she is a rapper, certainly not my taste of music. Although, she did have a few songs that she did a colaberation with other artists that were catchy songs that I knew.

After she was done with a long set list, it was after 9. A sign came on the big screen that said Britney will be on in 45 minutes!!! Say what!!

That's right folks! She didn't come on until around 10!! But she was worth the wait. She did a lot of her new songs and a lot of her old ones! There were lots of cool dance numbers and special affects. She even had some fireworks and very awesome acrobatic men that put on a great show! I walked away an even bigger Britney fan!

And I had a great night with all the ladies!! We will surely be getting together again very soon!!

And I learned that I'm getting very old! ;) Getting home after midnight sure had me dragging fir the rest of the next day!

Thank you to my husband for watching the kids while I had a much needed break! I love you babe!

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