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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yup, It's Summer!

My Aunt called me a couple days ago and said since her hubby and 2 of 4 kids were going to be out of town for a week, we should hang out. She was trying to plan out activities to keep her occupied to make the time pass. So made a plan to meet at my grandma's house to let the kids play and have lunch. Other than it being super hot outside we had a blast. But slurpees,popsicles and the sprinklers cured all! It was a fun day! Kelsi is having a cousin sleepover at Grandma Great's house! She was so excited she kept asking if it was time for me to leave yet! :)

Grandma gave Kyler a much needed haircut! My handsome boy! As you can see from the pic was much needed! Everytime we cut his hair I swear he looks so big! I can't believe he's going to be 3 this year! Love him! Thanks Stacey, Grandma and Kenzie for a fun day! Love you!

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